you put it on your foot...
i hate wearing socks, but its the cool thing to do!...now if only i was cool.
by tim October 22, 2003
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In SimplyNailogiclish being a "sock" is when you or another is wearing a very large piece of clothing with a hood, this hood should be covering at least half of your face to be considered a sock, most socks are quite warm.
You: Hey it's kinda cold!

by Resugii September 22, 2018
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Not a shoe.
I put my socks on in the morning. It is important to wear socks because if you don't your feet will smell the next day.
by froggy01 April 24, 2011
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Device used to soak up any and all wet spots on the kitchen floor.
Ah dammit I stepped in another wet spot walking through the kitchen. Oh well, at least my sock dried it up.
by pfleeger2010 February 02, 2012
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One of the most powerful objects in existence. While some may think of this as a mere object, it is far more than that. It's power holds infinite potential and is far stronger than the n word pass. Don't take it lightly
Guy 1: No homo but i want to have sex with you
Guy 2: Bruh, that's hella gay

Guy 1: It's not gay. I'm wearing Socks

Guy 2: Oh ok. As long as you wear socks it ain't gay
by Genitaliadestroyer6969 June 20, 2019
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a peice of cloth (usually cotton) that gets caught in the space between the dryers' spin thingy and the actualy dryer, and then creates a big fire that almost burns down the house, causing a mother and an only child to call 911, only to find that 911 is on their lunch break so it takes them 9 RINGS to pick up and then 10 minutes to get to their house...armed with 3 or 4 fire trucks and a few police cars...all of which are unnecessary...even under these circumstances. (yes, this is a true story)
1. "Elliot!!!! A sock got caught between the dryers' spin thingy and the actualy dryer!!! Now we have to call 911 on their lunch break!!!"
by rachel effin s. December 29, 2005
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Being parred off.

Originated: Parred -> Paired (Peared) -> Paired like socks -> socks
Girl: You have a tiny cock man wtf
Guy: ffs thats socks!
by Ed and Kieran May 29, 2012
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