Societal (pronounced səˈsʌɪɪt(ə)l) is an adjective meaning of, or relating to society or social relations; of, or relating to the structure, organisation or functioning of society or, when applied outside of society as a whole, it can mean of, or pertaining to a large social group, such as a club, or to their activities and customs.
“I am really pissed off with these miserable fuckwit newscasters and their doom and gloom societal pronouncements.”
by AKACroatalin August 26, 2016
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Going along with whatever society tells you to no matter how immoral it is.
I used to casually use the word faggot because I was societized into thinking it was okay.

SJW's are societized into believing only men can be sexist and only white people can be racist.
by PulpFictionFan94 January 19, 2017
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Societism promotes the well being of the group without neglecting the significance of the individual. By engaging citizens to stand up for what is right restores balance to "we the people". The result being a prolonged harmonic society with maximum opportunity, liberty and happiness.
According to Zimberg, Societism is like Republican with a social conscience.
by time2act January 20, 2018
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Societal Narcissism is a phenomenon that has developed over time because of our society created "what about me" materialistic world.

Text book Narcissism is when a person has developed a personality disorder created at a young age when a child feels no one is taking care or them or giving them basic human needs.

Societal Narcissism is created by an lack of self-esteem, lack of confidence and a missing sense of ones self. This personality is developed because of the materialistic, self centeredness, selfish world that we live in. People today are trying to find happiness through purchasing of material goods, body alterations, keeping busy, drinking, drugs and anything outside of themselves. A "What about me" or a "Look at me" personality disorder has been created within our society because our focus on happiness has been misdirected. These personalities continually try to fill there life with busyness so they don't have to look at themselves to figure out who they really are. This personality disorder creates a lonely, sad, hollow existence that leads people to a very empty sad materialist life.
Societal Narcissism is when you feel lonely so you go shopping to try to fill the emptiness and anxiety with material goods. You think your looks and or what you wear makes people drawn to you....not who you are. You fill your life with items or you alter your looks searching for happiness. In the long run it doesn't work what matters is who you are in the inside. Not what you look like, what you wear, what you drive or where you live.
by Tairn Longden November 7, 2012
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What is considered acceptable and normal in society.
You watch anime? Why are you into asian cartoons for kids?

You wear black all the time! What are you, goth?

Statements made by people who can only comprehend the societal norm.
by calamythy October 23, 2017
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Societal ninja (noun): an issue that caused great discourse in society. The issue was once at the very forefront of mainstream media’s attention, causing fierce debate and social divide along community lines; racial, religious, political, ethnic, gender and/or age. The issue is often deeply rooted in history and culture. Suddenly, the issue is gone without a trace from mainstream media; the key is there must be no resolution or majority acceptable action reached. The issue falls from the forefront of media often because another story breaks, acting as a ninja’s smoke bomb, and media never returns to the issue until it reappears as a result of the offenders actions-no more CNN or FOX headlines.
Malcom: Whatever happened to the two guys who dressed up in blackface in Virginia? Who was it—the govenor and attorney general and are democrats too?

Martin: That’s a good question, Malcom, I haven’t heard anything about that situation lately. It was on CNN and Fox non-stop for weeks and now it just disappeared without a trace. I guess they resigned. I really thought we had overcome.

Malcom: As I always say, I’m for justice no matter who it’s for or against and societal Ninjas such as these prevent communities from ever realizing justice and sustainable positive change. These soNinjas raise their ugly heads for a moment and then hide in the dim unknown giving people the false impression that it’s resolved, but it’s not. No justice no peace as the young folk say! I highly doubt if those Kats resigned.

Those dudes committed a federal crime and never went to trial and after one day of headline reporting it’s gone-that is soNinja! I think they likely paid off the judge because I haven’t heard about this in ages.
by Ean M. Williamssom March 16, 2019
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The softening of society as a whole. We have accepted more than ever and seem to fight back less and less.

Just like a newly married man, his testicals have been cutoff and he doesn't know how to think for himself anymore without direction from his wife. You know this happened when your friend can't go out anymore without first clearing it with his wife.

Societal Castration is similar. One that once thought they were in control have given up control and taken on a "Whatever" style mentatility because they don't think they can effectuate change without pissing off many different groups of people.
Little Johnny used to make great jokes. Things have changed and now his momma and teacher have much greater influence over him. Due to Societal Castration Johnny doesn't know what to do, doesn't know who to joke about or who to poke fun at without the risk of pissing off everyone around him. He is not scared but knows its not worth the risk. It's the old mantra of if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Sometimes something funny isn't always nice. Sigh.....
by A.K.A. Zimmy February 19, 2019
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