Unfavourable conditions
Often life's not all what it seems and appears to be all doom and gloom after too many broken dreams.
by Hercolena Oliver March 19, 2009
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Girl- Did you see about the wall trump built?
Boy- I hardly ever watch doom and gloom anymore.
by Dramioneship May 26, 2020
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Rhyming slang for Zoom. Especially when describing the joyless form of communication with other people via video call rather than in person.
Person A: Shucks, I cannot wait until we can actually meet again in person.
Person B: I know, it sucks, I guess we'll have to arrange a call on the old Doom and Gloom?
Person A: Doom and Gloom?
Person B: Yep, Doom and Gloom - Zoom.
by Burakami November 25, 2020
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The hypothesis that a large proportion of the people in the developed world would lack the critical thinking and quantitative skills required of a 21st-century citizen, because the politics of nativism, populism, and racism plaguing their societies have directly or indirectly brainwashed or radicalized them.
Thanks to Trumpism or right-wing politics, clothed under white supremacism or white Christian nationalism, millions of adults and children have fallen victims to the gospel of doom-and-gloom math, who blame millions of immigrants and refugees for stealing their blue-and white-collar jobs and for invading the promised land of their forefathers (who did the same thing to Native Americans).
by MathPlus April 28, 2023
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The first fan to enthusiastically proclaim the Mets to be the best team in the league when they're on a hot streak then denounce them entirely when they hit a rough patch
Bob: "The Mets lost 6 in a row! They suck! They all suck! Even deGrom!"
Tom: "Weren't you just saying that deGoat and the Polar Bear were going to bring the Mets to a World Series championship like last week? You doom and gloom Mets fan."
by Mmmmmmets August 30, 2019
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