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To vanish without detection from a big night out on the booze with friends.
Can happen for various reasons including but not limited too picking up, incoherence, vomit etc.
Rob: What happened to Jim last night?

Clint: I think he smoke bombed after he met that trashy bitch
by Steele Adams August 22, 2007
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The art of "throwing a smokebomb" is when a person leaves very suddenly without telling anyone. Usually when a group is out drinking and someone has had too much.
Joe threw a smokebomb last night. I think he'd had too much to drink.
by blackyuk November 26, 2010
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When you take the heaviest hit of marijuana in your life and instantly get really high
Nick experienced a smoke bomb after he took an extremely heavy hit of marijuana
by Dubiks December 19, 2018
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This is when you meet someone that is Shiny and New, and they actually turn out not to be a cunt. So you're able to chat them up and have a good time conversating with them. Then when the time comes to part ways, you're so caught up in having a good time with them your dumb ass forgot to get ANY kind of contact information. And you know deep down that you will never see them again. Thus you got caught up in the smoke and grenaded any chance of anything with them.
Bro 1: Bro! I meet this girl at the DMV and she was smoken hott. She is the one, bro! She's the one!
Bro 2: Did you get the Number/Social media/Name or anything?
Bro 1: F***! no! I let myself get Smokebombed.
by Toruk5366 January 22, 2018
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a small fire cracker that pruduces alot of smoke for short time and has a strong order of sulfer
hay anyone got some smoke bombs
by tom March 20, 2005
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Noun: A very attractive young lady (or perhaps man) for which the term "smoking hot" is not sufficient to describe the magnitude of their attractiveness.
by bren man September 12, 2006
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