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This expression is similar to "what goes around, comes around" and basically means that the consequences of one's evil actions catch up in a negative way. The idea that a wrongful curse comes back to the one who curses as a "bird returns to its nest" dates back to the days of antiquity. However, it wasn't until the 19th Century that Robert Southey wrote that "curses are like a young chicken: they always come home to roost." Since then, the idea of evil men creating returns to their own door has been encapsulated in this expression.
Dude, you keep dealing drugs and you're going to get caught. When the chickens come home to roost, they will take your car, your house, and all your money!
by morpheus30 December 17, 2014

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The inability to achieve an erection even when sexually stimulated caused by prolonged use of the anabolic steroid "Nandrolone Decanoate," better known in bodybuilding circles as "Deca Durabolin." Deca Dick is featured in the movie "Pain & Gain" (starring Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson, and Anthony Mackie) in which Anthony Mackie's character, Adrian, is seen masturbating his flaccid penis to a pornographic film but is unable to achieve an erection. Deca Durabolin is one of the most popular anabolic steroids due to its effectiveness in promoting size and muscle growth quickly with relatively mild side effects at medium and high doses compared to other steroids. Nandrolone Decanoate breaks down into dihydronandrolone in the body which acts as an inhibitor of penile erectile function. Bodybuilders experience Deca Dick at dosages in excess of 400 mg per week after 3 - 4 weeks. While Deca Dick is supposed to be reversible (by stopping or reducing the dosage of Deca Durabolin) some bodybuilders have reported a "permanent" effect of both lack of libido and erectile dysfunction that cannot be cured with Viagra or Cialis as well as permanently making a man sterile (unable to produce children).
I had several failures with a couple chicks, it was crazy embarrassing! I then found out what deca dick was and was advised to alter my dosages and get Cialis or Viagra.
by morpheus30 February 04, 2015

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An expression that means "not important or relevant." In most common speech, this expression usually follows a random side note that the speaker thinks is interesting but is not related to the subject at hand.
I met this random chick at the club and she wants to get together. Man she's gorgeous! Her parents are from Panama which by the way, has 13 of the 15 tallest buildings in Latin America. But that's neither here nor there...
by morpheus30 January 16, 2018

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A euphemism for inviting someone over to their place to engage in sexual activity. Thus the expression, "let's Netflix and chill!" should be understood by the hearer as "let's come over to my place and fuck!" The genius of this phrase is that it gives both parties "plausible deniability" when its true meaning is prematurely exposed so no one has to lose face (the inviting party can say, "I was just talking about watching movies and hanging out" or the invited party can say, "You're talking about watching movies and hanging out, right?")
John: Hey Tammy, let's netflix and chill tonight.
Tammy: OK!
by morpheus30 November 11, 2015

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A group of pigs (especially feral hogs)
The young boar reacted with caution, but quickly followed the rest of the sounder inside the trap.
by morpheus30 June 12, 2018

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A man who attempts to win female affection by showering her with anything she wants, thus allowing a bitch to take advantage of him because he doesn't have the spine to stand up for himself for fear of missing out on pussy. Because he has made an internal commitment to enslave himself to "what pussy wants, pussy gets," when she demands, he complies. Such a guy gives the impression to outsiders that he is carrying a vagina between his legs rather than a penis.
Darrell and Jenny are going shopping again. This is the 5th time this week! Dude, he's so pussy whooped it ain't funny.
by morpheus30 January 19, 2018

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A man who thinks with his dick first, and his head second.
Why are you surprised that all I think about is sex? I'm not going to apologize. I'm a cocksman!
by morpheus30 July 16, 2010

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