The sentence that can cease someone's existence, only use it towards someone you despise. Worse than ur mum gay, ur dad lesbian, ur family tree LGBT, ur granny tranny, and ur granpap a trap, combined.
Guy 1: why did you not invite me to your birthday party
Guy 2: because i don't like you lol
Guy 1: don't make me do it
Guy 2: u won't pussy
Guy 1: ur penis flat

Guy 2: *jumps off a bridge*
by swede on weed March 26, 2018
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The ultimate supernova of comebacks. More powerful than christ.
John : Ur mom gay
Ethan : Ur genus a penis.

(The nations of the world crumble, as mass suicides erupt by the million, and the rest of the world witnesses the almighty blow.)
by 3th4N_$ March 23, 2018
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Jake: Ur mom gay
Jamal: Ur dad lesbian
Jake: granny tranny
Jamal: Ur sister a mister
Jake: Ur brother a mother
Jamal: Ur friend a penis bend
*crowd goes wild*
by Toccena March 19, 2018
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This is the ultimate last resort, if every comeback is used in the mum gay roast then this is your last opportunity to redeem yourself.
Requis: Ur mum gay lol
Jemal: Ur daddy lesbian
Requis: Ur granny tranny
Jemal: Ur sister a mister
Requis: Ur brother a mother
Jemal: Ur grandpap a trap
Requis: Ur family reunion a homosexual communion
Jemal: Ur family tree LGBT
Requis: Ur ancestors incestors
Jemal: Ur race has gayes
Jemal starts T-posing summoning the powers of the space turtle, every planet, sun, moon, galaxy, and universe starts to align then the space turtle shoots all its energy at you giving godly strength.
Jemal: Ur genus likes penis
Jemal back hands Requis so hard that he wipes him out of existence in every multiverse. The connection was so loud that it cracks the fabric of space and time.
by Negro tech support April 4, 2018
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Alongside the likes of "ur mom gay" and "ur dad lesbian", "ur grandma have penis" is a phrase that can be used to absolutely D E C I M A T E someone in an argument
Gay kid 1: I fucking hate you and ur dad lesbian
Retarded child numero dos: lol ur grandma have penis
by Link6456 March 14, 2018
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