The possible maximum weight that you predict to someone or something roughly
That kid weighs maybe 95 pounds soaking wet = I think that kid's weight is not over than 95 pounds
by a long hair guy July 25, 2014
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When a females pussy isn't just wet, it's really really wet.
My girls pussy was soaking wet from her masturabtion while giving me a blowjob before my cock even entered into her.
by Anonymous Anon Girl September 23, 2015
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This is the result of a cat bath or rain.
Muffy was out in the rain and became a soaking wet pussy!
by I, Wreckerrr November 9, 2020
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A phrase that expresses that someone is very lightweight. The phrasing of the term itself shows that even accounting clothing, water weight, etc, they are still very light and that the estimate is a maximum.
You look 70 lbs soaking wet. Eat a hamburger.
by ominousluminous September 14, 2023
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