Brigham Young University is located in Provo, Utah with two other schools baring the same name in Idaho and Hawaii. Consists mostly of Mormons, but others are admitted. Most girls go there with hopes of not getting an education, but meeting a nice, good-looking returned missionary to take to the temple and get hitched to. It's a very nice school, but like I said, it's a meat market.
A good promotional slogan for BYU would be, "If you come to BYU for 4 years without getting married, we'll refund your tuition!"
In 1984 BYU football rose to glory by earning the National Championship with a record of 13-0.
The world is our campus. (BYU slogan)
by Jon Beutler June 11, 2005
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Brigham Young University: an institution located in Provo, Utah. Endorsed by the LDS church, it is a private university that educates approximately 30,000 students annually.
A sub-Mormon culture predominates, especially in dorm establishments like "Heritage Halls," "Deseret Towers" (D.T.) and "Helaman Halls." Common activities include creative dating techniques, hall prayers, ward activities, and tunneling.
Strict enforcement of the BYU Honor Code includes monitering modest clothing, chaste lifestyles, and honesty. Devotionals are broadcast every week at Tuesday, for which all campus facilities are shut down. Dorms and activities have a general curfew of midnight. A general university publication called "The Daily Universe" is released daily. Common campus buildings include the Wilkinson Student Center (the WILK), the Martin L Harris Classroom Building (the MARB), and the Joseph Smith Building (JSB).
The curriculum is large and academically exceptional, but also includes such majors as "family consumer sciences." A BYU education is very typically conservative.
The stereotypical BYU girl has a bubble haircut, wears a plain, modest t-shirt or button up collared shirt with either a long skirt or jeans, and wears Doc Martens sandals. She has very straight hair and perfect makeup, and smiles sweetly to everyone. She enters the establishment at the age of 18, is engaged by 19 to a returned missionary (R.M.), and generally leaves school to raise a family.
The stereotypical BYU boy is a freshman at the age of 21, having just returned from a mission, and has a short, parted hairstyle. He wears polos and chino pants with loafers. He dates prolifically until he finds his eternal companion, and weds quickly (typical engagements lasting 2 months).
Provo, Utah is also referred to as the "bubble" because of its traditionally close-minded, conservative atmosphere and general self-righteous attitude.
BYU's largest rival is the University of Utah located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The two universities have a football match each fall that is highly anticipated on both sides.
BYU students are called Zoobies because they get married so quickly.

"Are you going to the dance?"
"Yes, but we have to be back soon! The curfew is at 12, and we wouldn't want to break the honor code."

"Will you marry me? After all, we have been commanded to multiply and replenish the earth."
"I think you'll make a great eternal companion, but let me consult my bishop first."
by ria kim July 22, 2005
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A college located in Provo Utah. Students who attend here have a high chance of becoming summer sales Chads, getting married before they turn 21 and being baptized. The school is also known for their dancing cougar mascot an extremely challenging chemistry course and being an epicenter for a lot of white people. If you plan on attending don't get too attached to your beard, the school's honor code doesn't allow facial hair.
"Did you know I went to school at BYU?"
"Isn't that a churchy school?"
by MyPseudonym??? March 31, 2021
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"BYU is so much better than U of U. Don't you think?"
"Of course they are, their BYU!"
by BYUCOUGS December 16, 2018
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A relationship that consists of communication via Skype due to temporary long distance separation. Thus, the relationship lacks any form of physical interaction, much like a relationship while attending Brigham Young University -- due to the strict Mormon doctrine.
I've been yanking my own chain lately because me and my girl from C-twon are in a BYU relationship for the summer -- haven't gotten my d wet in a fat minute
by Bu$tin'aNut June 17, 2011
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Students at BYU or possibly other mormons attempt to find a loophole in the no-sex-before-marriage rule of the LDS faith.

Its quite simple.

Step 1: Drive to vegas as a heterosexual couple.

Step 2: Get a quick marriage.

Step 3: Fornicate your brains out.

Step 4: Get said marriage enolled.

Step 5: Return home and be able to say you have not had sex outside the bonds of a legally recognized marriage

And the loop hole is complete.
You realize that even though a BYU SuperDate sounds like it is a legitamate loophole you cannot fool God and it is clear that your intentions are sinful and you might as well just fornicate without the hassle of driving to Vegas.
by G to the E July 8, 2009
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A synonym for blue jeans or Levi's. Brigham Young University (BYU) is owned by the Mormon church, which has very strict rules about chastity. A large number of BYU students regularly participate in Levi lovin' or dry humping, because they are trying to get it on without having real intercourse. So, in a sense, their jeans are protecting them from having sex.
Yeah, we were getting it on and I blew my load, but luckily I had on my BYU condom. I wonder if she noticed?
by poopstone July 11, 2006
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