A straight up thug who's sole purpose is to jump (aka mug or rob) people on their turf. Plural is "Jumpmen"
I just got my wallet cleaned out by a jumpman the other day!
by RazorRogers April 11, 2016
Person 1: Aye, where jumpman?
Person 2: Hell if I know, man.
by hellafucked January 2, 2017
You saw the new jumpmans yet those shits is fire.
by Sho March 26, 2005
The character who appeared in the original word Donkey Kong /word game. Now called word Mario /word.
We all know that the main character in Donkey Kong was Jumpman, not Mario.
by Brad June 10, 2003
Anyone born on date 23 of any month
by KushShady December 30, 2016
When the head is so good it makes you spread your legs and put your arm in the air like the jumpman logo
Jenny's got the head game on deck she gave me a jumpman last night
by Yung sweeti November 3, 2017