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In basketball, after a missed shot by your team, all the players on your team gets back on defense except one. After your team gets a stop, causes a turnover, or a made basket, a team member quickly throws a full-court pass to the player who didn't get back for an easy bucket before the opposing team can recover.
"John's always snowbirding, he never gets back on D."
by streetpoet1 April 09, 2009
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A military term used when describing someone who is required to be at a certain training assignment but cannot actually begin for an extended period of time. Therefore they have to just chill in the area (like a snowbird) until they can finally conduct their assigned training. Sometimes they are given menial tasks or details, especially when snowbirding for several weeks or even months.
My training here at Sill was pushed back three months, so I'll be snowbirding until then.
by ClubG July 30, 2008
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TO run constantly down the court when when not on fastbreaks playin basketball....
John runs down the court constantly when we play 2k11 "Snow birding" helps him win
by Shadd Gotti January 19, 2011
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v. - when your lover or partner has a cold, it is implied that you go "south" (ie: perform oral sex) in order to avoid contracting the cold.
Susan has the mad flu, but when she's hopped up on cold medicine and feeling good I go snowbirding. I don't have any sick days left.
by okfinethisismyname January 24, 2011
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Snowbirding is when a male sneaks up on a sleeping female, opens her left eye and ejaculates inside of it. After this, the male opens the right eyelid and spits in it, before punshing her, forcing the cum through her eyelids, down her nasal passage, up into the lungs, before it is excreted via her mouth.

History: This word was Unveiled after reading the history of Lord Byron II court appeal, after being accused of sexually molesting his wife.
"Yo hommie I went snowbirding last night, and I think that your mother left a present on your carpet."
by Miss Kosberg December 31, 2004
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