Metro area in extreme southeast Florida; the most populated urban area in the state, it stretches roughly 100 miles from Palm Beach County in the north to Miami-Dade County in the south, with about 5.4 million year-round residents. All 3 counties are incredibly densely populated because development is limited to a thin strip of land between the Atlantic Ocean and the Everglades. Miami is the largest city in South Florida; other important cities include Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Boca Raton, and West Palm Beach. Generally disliked/hated on by the rest of the state for a variety of reasons, some logical (crime, high housing costs, bad schools, sprawl, rude drivers) and others not so logical (high levels of racial diversity, blend of cultures, pro-growth attitude, general wealth/prosperity). Demographically not that much different from a city of the Northeast (except for Miami-Dade, which has majority foreign influences), it is the most "northern" of the state's metro areas and basically the entire opposite of the Florida Panhandle. Major center for tourism, trade, finance, business, and international commerce.
He's going to spend Spring Break in South Florida. Wanna come?

(Typical Panhandle resident): South Florida is a wicked, atheist-filled garbage dump.

(Weather announcer) Today's January forecast for the greater South Florida area calls for cloudy skies and high temperatures in the 80's.
by A_Floridian January 17, 2007
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An area inhabited by people mostly from the North-East. People born down here can't stand the snow bird (tourists) and people from the NE (ESPECIALLY THE NEW YORKERS!) Generally a pretty interesting place to live as there are many different cultures to explore. Aside from the native South Floridians and people from the NE, many people come from numerous Carribean islands. Since the 1970's, it seems like half the population of Haiti as moved here in an attempt to escape from hell on earth. Besides all the various cultures, South Florida is well known for its exciting night life. From West Palm Beach down the the Florida Keys, any night can be filled with fun. Miami is the largest city, however, one can see that from northern Palm Beach to the southern border of the state is essentsially one giant city. Problems include horrific housing pricing and rampant crime. It is generally not a very pleasant place to live, and many tourist do not seem to understand this. Also, although Florida is called the sunshine state, it is the victim of often horrific weather. Since South Florida can be classified as tropical or sub-tropical, it receives almost daily thunderstorms during the summer, as this is "the wet season" (winter is the "dry" season). Florida as a whole is often the target of hurricanes, most notable in 2004 when over 3 major hurricanes striked within weeks of eachother. Related to that, South Florida was also hit by hurricane Katrina, though it was much weaker then before it hit New Orleans. The most recent destructive hurricane was Andrew, which caused over 2 Billions in damages. South Florida has a small season change. The leaves are always green, and the main change is that the temperature drops a few degrees from November to March, basically giving South Florida only two seasons, Summer and Fall. All in all, there is much money to be made in the area, if you can deal with its numerous problems year round.
I have lived in South Florida here all my life, and im not the only one who agrees with all this!
by South East Florida Native July 30, 2009
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A metro area in the state of Florida containing Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach county. The region's relationship with the rest of the state is tense. The Northern "Panhandle" region of Florida loathes it because of its heavily Democratic politics, Northern culture, and large Jewish population. South Florida, on the other hand, dislikes much of the rest of the state because its citizens claim too little tax dollars are allotted to the region when their economic impact on the state is taken into account. On multiple occasions, numerous South Florida municipalities have filed motions with the government indicating their wish to secede from the state to create a 51st or considered doing so, including North Lauderdale and Margate. The Conch Republic, a tongue-in-cheek attempt by the Florida Keys to secede from the USA, serves as another example of South Florida's relationship with the rest of the state and national government.
I traveled down to South Florida from Orlando the other day. Everyone here either speaks Spanish or has a New York accent!
by dsmkrt July 4, 2009
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one of the most exciting places to visit but one of the worst places to live. The weather is very nice. Their are plenty of restaurants and entertainment options to go do and see. Tourist attractions include Hard rock Casino, South beach, historical Clematis Street, City Place, Fort Lauderdale Beach, Atlantic Avenue, and Deer field beach. Boca Raton is Full of old Jewish people. West Palm Beach is full of African Americans and Senior Citizens. Boynton is full of snowbirds. Fort Lauderdale full of gays. Miami is full of Latinos. South Florida culture consist of trashy, goldigging, snobbish or thuggish people. It is not uncommon to see a sugar daddy, dating a girl young enough to be his daughter. It is also the standard norm to get married and have a baby in your early twenties. If you are middle class you might have trouble fitting in because everyone is predominately either rich or poor. Old people come from the northeast or Midwest as well as Canada. Anyway, go to Jupiter and your in the most exclusive town in the country and go 15 minutes south to mangonia park and your in one of the most dangerous impoverished towns. Mostly gated golf course communities, fancy condominiums, dumpy condos, trailers, section 8 houses or multi million dollar oceanfront mansions. Alot of bums and newspaper salesmen who stand at major intersections Also the people drive worse than the 17 year old girls in New Jersey if thats possible.
Before moving to South Florida: I just visited florida im moving their. It was nice when I went their to visit grandma on spring break

After moving to South Florida: Why did I ever move to this freckin place in the first place what was I thinking!
by mikejollz March 18, 2010
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The type of math use by the criminal underworld to describe the sizes packages that narcotics may come in. Notabably used in South Florida cities such as Miami.
For example there are 28 grams in a ounce and 2.2 pounds in a "Key" kilo. Hence South Florida Math
by Cpt. FeelGood September 14, 2012
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The University of South Florida (USF) is a public university located in Tampa, Florida. USF's mascot is the Bull, and its colors are green and gold. USF is the third largest university in the state of Florida, behind the University of Florida and Florida State University. USF boasts highly acclaimed engineering and medical programs, and is a first-tier research university.
The University of South Florida is a very well-rounded university that doesn't get enough credit because of other state universities such as the University of Florida and Florida State University getting all the attention.
by Ryan Cartwright November 25, 2005
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The premiere institution of higher education in the state of Florida, USF is home to the Bulls. Regarded as one of the top three flagship universities in Florida by definition of State Congress (the others being FSU and UF), no other school in the nation has obtained such accelerated acclaim in both the academic and athletic arena.

The Bulls' football program is relatively new. This, however, has not stopped the Bulls from defeating the Seminoles (FSU) and the Hurricanes (UM). Due to the Bulls' accomplishments, they are often referred to as the fourth member of the "Big Three" in the state of Florida.

Unlike other schools that are often located in the middle of nowhere, USF is a metropolitan university. Besides the amazing parties, students also enjoy Ybor City's clubs and bars, the Busch Gardens theme park, Clearwater and St. Petersburg's world famous beaches, and shopping at the International Plaza and downtown Tampa.

Unlike UF, USF prefers not to have bandwagon fans (people who wear a school's gear without having any affiliation or relation to the school, such as they are not a student or have friends or family who go there). Our gear is sacred and respected. We let the hicks and pretenders wear UF gear.
The University of South Florida (USF) is what every potential student looks for in a school. All of its students engage in top-of-the-line research and earn degrees that are respected internationally. The school's young age provides the opportunity for its students to take part of real history, instead of looking at hallways filled with old dead people's portraits like they do at FSU and UF.
by College Review January 4, 2011
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