A descriptive noun used in place of someone that is truly an epic prankster.
by sillysill88 March 26, 2019
A slang word used in place of Silly.
Thats so sill!

She is so sill!
by tiewashere March 17, 2007
When a thing or action is with sick and chill
"Dude how sill was it when your dog found out herb and brought it to us on the couch"
by Darth-vaper December 3, 2019
A sill is an adjective that two goddesses came together to create, the goddesses were “TBATSLAT” and the other goddess “SCHLOUP”. sill is something you call somebody you generally like. but the goddesses must grant you permission otherwise they have power to remove it.
Brenden: hey do you know alex?
Daisy: yeah i love alex!! she’s my sill!!
by hzeklma November 29, 2021
1. The most wonderful name in the world. It often comes from the name Cecilie, but 'Sille' is a much prettier version of 'Cecilie'!

2. The name is always given to beautiful, lovely girls. If you ever meet a Sille, you are very lucky, and you better keep her!

You can also name pets "Sille"! For example a cute turtle.
Dude: Have you ever met Sille?

Dude2: OH, sure!! She is very pretty, right?

Dude: Yes! then you have met her
by Kridz December 30, 2011
The act of being silly
Helen, don't be silly = Helen, stop silling.
by KrisC January 31, 2008