Something of litle importance.....low....not serious...insignificant...minute (minoot)

"Never sweat the small stuff" meaning, that's not important .....there are more serious things going on.

so therefore if someone or something is trying to work on your nerves...let it be known as something little and say to that person, " I have better things to do.......Menial minds, and Menial people.... I can't waist energy on....
by Juicy Punkin October 2, 2006
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When work is SHIT!

Especially on the second floor!
A- I hate the meniality of work
B- there is no such thing as meniality
A- yes there is it says on this website!
by Siobhan050287 June 26, 2006
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Menial-minimum: A job that is repetitive and rates the lowest pay a company can get away with.
John was laid off from his analyst position and found a survival job at a menial-minimum to avoid gaps in his work history.
by Apophis2036 September 10, 2019
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When a person does a repetitive job that doesn't require intelligence or skill, they look for opportunities to convince themselves that their job - and life - has some purpose. They do this by attacking people - usually passive aggressively - with small trivial facts only someone in that position knows. For instance, a TSA Worker may say "Don't put your bin in that way!", or a Security Guard at a museum may repeatedly point at a vague and unhelpful sign to answer your question, rather than answer with 3 simple words.
Man, that girl got all stupid about which line to go in if you want to see the blue shells, she definitely has Menial Worker Syndrome.
by StrongHumbleGenius March 2, 2022
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