The strategy of making space between two girlfriends. By making time between the two, you let the heat die down from your ex, and hope that the girlfriend in the works will stick around. By waiting, you avoid a barrage of calls and facebook emails of the "OMFG WTF IS THAT SHIT" variety.
Dude 1: Hey, aren't you gonna go after that chick on 3rd floor now that you ditched whatsherface?

Dude 2: Yep, but the turnover rate is pushing one month.

Dude 1: I give it two weeks.
by underarock September 2, 2010
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How you feel the day after you got turnt
"That was party was on fleek, still feeling hella turnover even though it's been two days."
by christrolllll March 7, 2015
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when a woman is getting cunnilingus while sitting on the man's face, and then like the hook she spins around 180 degrees to face away from him without dismounting.
why don't you do something you're good at? like givin' him a gonorrhea turnover?
by Kronos_the_titan December 16, 2008
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Having sex with someone missionary, then flipping the participant over, jizzing on their back, sprinkling cocaine over said jizz and snorting up the concoction.
I got a sinus infection from having a columbian turnover.
by PatNAH January 2, 2017
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This is a sexual act, although it does not occur at the appointed time of consummation. More of a courting ritual really.

A male, attempting to excite his spouse or chosen mate, will defecate on their pillows. The steaming turn can be referred to as a Texas Turnover
Mike: "Did you get that Texas Turnover I left for you this morning?"

Ashley: "Ah yes! Why thank you Mike for such a magnificent gesture. Maybe we will indulge in some Alabama Flapjacks later as well."
by Woody89 October 26, 2010
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where the women is flipped upside down in a 69 position while doing a blumpkin so that she has a close up view of the fecal release.
that bitch likes to get splashed in the face so we do a blumpkin turnover.
by stanstheman June 12, 2006
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