A verb. When a person wears clothing so tight as to burst at the seams or tear. Wearing clothing that is too small and shows obvious signs of stress.
"That fat chick is realing hulking those jeans!!"
by Painscale March 11, 2010
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To lift a girl off the ground while fingering her vaginally, usually on a dancefloor or at a party. Strength required.
"So i was at this club the other night and this girl wanted me to finger her and she was crazy so i totally started hulking her!!! Yeah Bro!"
by beastieboycas May 14, 2012
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When you go to open a bag of chips or other packaged snack using an outward pulling motion and the package rips open completely. splaying the contents everywhere , not knowing your own strength.
I was really looking forward to eating this bag of Doritos, but my Buddy went to open it up, hulking the thing, the bag exploded, and all the delicious chips hit the floor. No Doritos for me.
by TheDoctorZ August 26, 2017
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The cowardly practice of ending

a relationship / situationship by

acting like a dickhead so that

the other person ends relations.
“He turned into a heartless bastard

over night. I think he’s hulking.”
by The Fairy Godfather April 12, 2019
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2mg bars containing alprazolam. Hulks usually refer to green-colored generic bars scored three times and imprinted with "S903".
I popped a hulk and a half last night at the party. Shit had me on my ass, man.
by LIL BOOK August 30, 2016
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to break out of something with emotion and enthusiasm like the green beast himself.
my friends zip tied me, so i hulked that shit.
by jahandy January 06, 2008
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A term meaning to intensify sexual intercourse. Often used meaning intercourse becoming "harder" and "sweatier."
Jen: I love it when I hulk it with my boyfriend.

Sally: Yeah! It makes it so much more fun.
by sixtynine69 June 03, 2010
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