Trust is what a couple have to have in order to be in love. To be in love u have to know that u are letting him/her a chance to break your heart. But trusting them not too. Keeping them intimate to ur emotions and feelings open up a whole new reason why u absolutely love him .
Telling someone you won't cheat and hurt them, telling them u love them and care for them and telling them about the stuff that got them hurt before and trusting they care enuff to understand and not doing it again to you, is TRUST.
by Partyyyuuuppppp June 30, 2010
To Trust someone > Have faith in >
Something what is buildup by millimeters
and breakdown in meters..
by sLg January 27, 2004
To exclaim a point.
To claim someones faith in what ever you were rajjin' about, without question, by statement of the word 'trust'.
Dude, that deal was phat, trust!
I'll be half an hour, trust.
Trust, he knows his shit.
by Buck March 30, 2005
when a loving couple are in a relationship, having faith in each other is very important. It means you share a special understanding between each other, that you have confidence in each other to do your very best to nurture the relationship and be honest with each other. It brings you closer to each other an no matter what the circumstance is having the trust in each other to be there for one another is a beautiful quality to have in a relationship. Trust is being there for one another and have each others' hand in hand always. Trust is having faith in one another and together trust and love combined are powerful strengths in a relationship.
Through having trust we can open up to each other and speak about our past hurts. We can talk about anything and work through them and by placing faith in each other it will bring us closer, help us understand one another, our concerns, dreams, hopes and strengthen our love. I place all my trust in you and i sincerely promise you, the trust you place in me is sacred and i value it more than anything else in the world. I would do anything and everything to see you the happiest and loved. By trusting each other we can grow and feel free to be honest with each other and love each other. I love you. forever.
by YALBM20609 July 1, 2010
Putting your confidence in someone forming a bond with him or her and knowing that you can rely on them for anything.
We were so close I felt I could put my trust in you.
by HT January 26, 2004
The inherent belief that humanity wasn't put on this earth to screw you over
Mr. Bean is a great example of Trust
by Talonknife August 10, 2009