A sad loser from the TV show "The Jersey Shore" that is a big slut and tries to get attention from more popular people. She only hits on Guidos and gets drunk from 2:30 am to 12:00 am.
Man i wanna get drunk and get laid

Lets go find SNOOKY
by Stupid Hobos March 8, 2010
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An alien from the cartoon Invader Zim. Snooky appears to be a baby named Noogums who lives next door to Zim, but he is indeed not.
Zim: "What Should I Call You?"
Noogums: "Snooky!"
by jenjen the en-jen February 22, 2005
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someone who displays jackass tendencies. derived from the verb (UK) snooks; a fool or jackass.

J: what's up with that guy over there with the ponytail?
K: he's gettin snooky wit it
J: what a snooks
by hella99 May 20, 2006
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To be sneeky but in the past
by Kheyenne February 14, 2018
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4'9" umpalumpa on Jersey Shore best known for being punched in the face.
Snookie is so short she often requires a boost to get her heels on.
by Rick Stone December 15, 2009
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n: extra large oompa-loompa that's easier to get on than facebook
Tom: You hear about Megan
Jim: Yeah, she went to the bar and got seven guys
Tom: What a Snooki
by Devine1 March 8, 2010
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