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1. Somebody who can put you in a tricky situation without you noticing.

2. Somebody who can make your plans backfire.

3. An incredibly stealthy person.
1. Carl: Hey Megan! Do you like John?
Megan: No way! Gross!

Carl: Hey John, I think Megan likes you, she totally admitted!
John: You think so? I might ask her out...

John: Hey Megan, want to go for a coffe later?
Megan: Please don't make me puke!
John: Sly fox...

2. Greg: Hey Matthew, want to get back at Louis for wrecking the party?
Matthew: Sure!
-Plans go ahead but Louis makes thier plan backfire-

Greg & Matthew: SLY FOX!

3. Zac: Wow, Katie sure is a sly fox!
by IFeelThePAIN May 19, 2007
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A certain person He/She that goes under the radar when it comes to the opposite sex, they are sneeky and hard to catch
by Puss92 September 10, 2010
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To be very cool/swagalicous; to do something in a cool/swagalicous way. ie to be slyfox; to slyfox something/it
*Lydia walks along the side of the stairs very quickly*
Megan: Wow Lydia, that was so slyfox
Lydia: Yeah, I totally slyfoxed it.
by SuperSlyfox July 02, 2013
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An individual, with hacker tendencies or a hacker mindset (eg: JeffK who is not a haxx0r but a computar consultant!!!!11) that achieves most goals or resolves conflicts using devious means.
"Taht sly fox Mistar Stassi has rebooted my computar."

"Bill Gates is a sly fox for making so much money and not making a stable Windows." LAWSUIT!
by Stasis AMK3 August 14, 2003
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To inconspicuously pee sideways while walking forward --- usually occurs when a bathroom is not convenient and the group refuses to wait for you.
Steve sly foxed after leaving the party and got away scott free, but Toby peed on a tire and got himself arrested.
by JP February 25, 2005
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A word used mostly in the ghettos of Harlem. Used to describe an attractive man.
"Nigga, that be a sly fox."
by Jordan. May 01, 2003
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When you poop yourself in front of a large amount of people but insist that you didn't poop your pants
Oh, man, Chris pulled a sly fox the other day. Everyone knew.
by Rxmohinder August 10, 2017
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