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A sly fox that emulates the idol of all 1337 users of the Internet. Often claimed by non-1337 script kiddies that wish they were 1337 "liek JeffK". See "1337", "pwn0r1z4t10n" and "hX".
"I r teh 1337 haxx0r my walls are goen!!"

"Oh noes I haev been haxx3d by a sly fox!"

"Mistar Stassi si teh 1337!!!!111"
"ROFLMAOLOLOL yuo fag0rt yuo forgot to saey haxx0r, n00b"
by Stasis AMK3 August 12, 2003
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An official title used by 1337 haxx0rs that accentuates great skill, wisdom, and experience. In certain Internet-based organizations, it is considered to be a high-ranking official that has gone through many trials to achieve such an honorable rank. See "1337" and "pwn0r1z4t10n".
hX.Frost: "Oh noes its teh POLICE! Hide teh LUNIX!!!111"
by Stasis AMK3 August 12, 2003
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The "JeffK" pronunciation of the name "Mister Stasis". See "JeffK" and "1337".

hX.Stasis is a person who is believed to be a 1337 haxx0r by many, including himself at times. See "hX".
"Mistar Stassi si teh 1337!!!111"

"WOWES Mistar Stassi sure knoes his haxx0ring OMG ROFLAAMO"

"Teh X BOXE si a hueg boxe!!11 Rihgt Mistar Stassi?//1??/"
"SILENCE! You may now speak."
"Tahnk yuo taht will be all."
by Stasis AMK3 August 12, 2003
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Commonly mistaken as a legionaire or a legion, a legionar is a group of twenty monkeys, often mischievious and/or carrying wooden sticks.

A legionar was once reported carrying an AWP.
"Oh look! A legionar!"

"That's a legionar if I ever saw one."

"I hate AWPing monkeys..."
by Stasis AMK3 August 15, 2003
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An individual, with hacker tendencies or a hacker mindset (eg: JeffK who is not a haxx0r but a computar consultant!!!!11) that achieves most goals or resolves conflicts using devious means.
"Taht sly fox Mistar Stassi has rebooted my computar."

"Bill Gates is a sly fox for making so much money and not making a stable Windows." LAWSUIT!
by Stasis AMK3 August 15, 2003
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One of the greatest trance artists of the twenty-first century. Uncanny resemblance to an unshaven, spikey-haired, cool-sauce Mistar Stassi. Known best for his work with the Global Underground and other various albums, including the soundtrack to the blockbuster action movie "Swordfish" starring Wolverine and that fag from "Battlefield Earth".

Contrary to myth, Paul Oakenfold does not possess supernatural powers. However, he does cast Trance Magic when he is low on hit points (known best as a "limit break").
Paul Oakenfold goes to Oslo. Forty Swedes die in a freak "terribly good music" accident.
by Stasis AMK3 January 27, 2004
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Something you say when the FBI or the police are at your door, and they are after your LUNIX.

Casual use can be caused by a combination of displeasement and fear for Microsoft lawsuits against open source operating systems, such as Redhate Lunix. It may include other, less important things.
JeffK: "Oh noes, teh police! HIDE TEH LUNIX!!!11"

"Oh noes, I forgot to take your bro out of the oven!"
by Stasis AMK3 August 15, 2003
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