A sly fox that emulates the idol of all 1337 users of the Internet. Often claimed by non-1337 script kiddies that wish they were 1337 "liek JeffK". See "1337", "pwn0r1z4t10n" and "hX".
"I r teh 1337 haxx0r my walls are goen!!"

"Oh noes I haev been haxx3d by a sly fox!"

"Mistar Stassi si teh 1337!!!!111"
"ROFLMAOLOLOL yuo fag0rt yuo forgot to saey haxx0r, n00b"
by Stasis AMK3 August 12, 2003
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Wow! That haxx0r fux0rd my puter. How can I get all my porn back?
by Shib March 9, 2004
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Some lamoid that thinks they're good because they know what TCP/IP is.

Most of the time people that claim to be "haxx0rs" are 14 year old boys who are too ugly to go out and have fun.

In contrast, the true crackers of the world (300 tops) are the ones actively exploitng software and helping corporations make their software secure.

Dumb-ass kids just use software tools written by crackers because they don't know the difference between an integer and a longword.

"haxx0rs" are usually dismissed as n00bs by experienced peoples.
"i r teh haxx0r!"
"pull the other one, charlie"
"i just haxx0red my m8s box!"
"yes, and i'm mr. mitnik. a tenner says you used NetBIOS"
"STFU n00b"
by Jack July 16, 2004
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The act if hacking. One can also spell it "h4x0r" or "h4xx0r", to name a few.
"I gained access to his computer illegally, and haxx0r3d him!"
by Frederick Szczepanski June 29, 2004
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A script kiddy, especially one who, although believes himself to be skilled, possesses little to no intelligence. The diminuitive of cracker
3y3 4m 4 1337 h4xx0r! B0w 70 my 1337 4Im p0w3rz3z!

The haxx0r attempted to break into his school's computer, but got expelled.
by Pumeleon November 11, 2003
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Name used to parody of script-kiddie "hackers"

someones who haxx0rs haxx0rs is a haxx0r.

Sometimes written (typed) haxxor.
Script Kiddie: I am so 1337!!!
Bob: Do you haxx0r using sub7?
Script Kiddie: Yeah, its w00t!!!
by Joshtek July 1, 2003
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1) hackers who are really, really good at stealing ur credit card number on the internet.

2) friends that can get u ANYTHING by the use of their computer and he world wide web.

3) dorks
my haxx0r friend found out the dude's address and liscense plate number just by getting the dude's phone number. lets go egg the dude's house and fuck up his car...
by neo-kaneida August 29, 2003
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