(adj) Something serious and risky that you talk about ironically.
Daniel: I really hope that I get an A on that exam.
Alex: Probably not gonna pass it.
Daniel: Why?
Alex: Cuz' it's pretty tricky-tricky.
by !tricky September 16, 2019
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When a situation gets complicated or extra drama is added to a situation.
It got really tricky when Nicole started bringing her new boyfriend around her daughter.
by Jbanana October 19, 2016
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unbelievably skilled, articulate
dawg, that break shit was trickie.

Boi, you're moves are trickie.
by yuchanstyle June 29, 2003
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A Skillful master of triphop music. This former Massive Attack member uses a darker/creepier sound than Massive Attack (when compared with the sound of the Massive Attack album "Mezzanine") but it's a sound less focussed on perfection. Tricky is in stead focussing on the musical experience, which is almost painfully intense and at the same time drenched with heartfelt honesty.

His most accessible albums are:
"maxinquaye" "blowback" and in some ways "vulnerable".

He has made a few less accessible almbums also, which reflected the state of his mind at those times. He has been known to suffer from mentally illness in the past, which to me only illustrates his genius. Great intellect also comes with great insight in the world and all it's darker corners. This can be a frightning thing which can lead to some form of madness. Mad or not Tricky is beyond any doubt one of the best Artist in the world, joining a very select group of bands, followed by a very veryyy... long gap.
Tricky is an experience. Listening to his music is like being high.
by Auke December 17, 2003
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A character that originates from the classic Newgrounds series, Madness Combat, as neither a protagonist and antagonist as presumed from an Newgrounds Wiki, from what i've read anticlimaticly. He also is a Friday Night Funkin' mod character as a add on.
Tricky is such a hard FNF Week!

Other person: You sure?
by Oh yayayy May 29, 2021
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Adjective, Noun

Explains something awesome, cool, and interesting.
That was a tricky thing to do.
Last night you acted tricky all night.
Dude, that's tricky!
by Dan Wise April 8, 2008
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