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1. Somebody who can put you in a tricky situation without you noticing.

2. Somebody who can make your plans backfire.

3. An incredibly stealthy person.
1. Carl: Hey Megan! Do you like John?
Megan: No way! Gross!

Carl: Hey John, I think Megan likes you, she totally admitted!
John: You think so? I might ask her out...

John: Hey Megan, want to go for a coffe later?
Megan: Please don't make me puke!
John: Sly fox...

2. Greg: Hey Matthew, want to get back at Louis for wrecking the party?
Matthew: Sure!
-Plans go ahead but Louis makes thier plan backfire-

Greg & Matthew: SLY FOX!

3. Zac: Wow, Katie sure is a sly fox!
by IFeelThePAIN May 19, 2007

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