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one who is thugg, agg and a pimp
JP is thaggimp
by JP November 2, 2003
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noun - Great TV show which taught the average person how to avoid a crisis using everyday household items.

verb - to use the limited resources around oneself to get out of an impossible situation.
n. - yes, i WAS locked in the meat locker, but i learned how to get out on MacGuyver.

v. - so there i was, tied to chair in the middle of a burning room. luckily, i was able to MacGuyver my way out with some chewing gum, a fedora hat, the rubik's cube, and a can of Spaghetti-O's.
by JP November 7, 2003
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Slang for cocaine. its not weed, its the other...
'he was chillin with the other too much and turned all shady'
by JP January 22, 2005
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Brian is a douchebag. There is foreskin worth more them him. He's clearly as useful as tits on a bull.
by JP March 12, 2005
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1. The act of acting in a hardcore off the hizzy matter
2. No remorse or pussy shit invloved
3. Nothing can TOP SAVAGE.
We drink and smoke all night cuz we are Savage.
by JP November 18, 2003
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The act of shooting cum on a females face.
I gave Jane a nice shake shot lastnight.
by JP January 18, 2005
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a masturbation tool used by welsh people and derby county fans alike.

sheep own new zealand.
by JP March 29, 2004
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