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A ceramic fragment, usually from a broken spark plug, used to break car windows for petty thievery.
The ninja rock popped the cork on the brand new 540i, and we grabbed an ID and a checkbook.
by JP July 27, 2004
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noun - Great TV show which taught the average person how to avoid a crisis using everyday household items.

verb - to use the limited resources around oneself to get out of an impossible situation.
n. - yes, i WAS locked in the meat locker, but i learned how to get out on MacGuyver.

v. - so there i was, tied to chair in the middle of a burning room. luckily, i was able to MacGuyver my way out with some chewing gum, a fedora hat, the rubik's cube, and a can of Spaghetti-O's.
by JP November 07, 2003
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Fo sho' its a car. But it done got meaning son.
Look at that fool. Thinks he's all that. He's got 20's on a godamn PONTIAC.

Fo' sho son. Holla out to the 804. JP out.
by JP February 01, 2005
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When the guy blows his load in a porn movie.
Porn Star: "Last week I took the pop shot on my face, this week on my ass and next week down the hatch! Boy I'm moving up in the world, aren't I?"
by JP January 01, 2004
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Bastardized form of the word Preteen--used to refer to someone who's being a teenage douchebag.
Man, that girl's acting like such a preen with her boyfriend.
by JP May 08, 2004
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What the fat kid in the back row does when he passes colon air through his anus in the middle of class.
Holy shit! Did Rob just rip ass?
by JP May 08, 2004
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A vagina that smells like runts
Hey liz your runtbag smells fruity don't you clean down there?
by JP January 14, 2004
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