Werd \werd\ interj (ca.1960) {a slang term whose origin is based on the remembrance of WERD; the first black-owned radio station, based out of the Masonic building in Atlanta, Georgia, owned and operated between 1949-1968 by Jesse B. Blayton and a means of media exposure for Dr. Martin Luther King} 1: a statement within itself of agreement and power
"Remember this?" Jack said, pointing to a picture. Joe says, "werd." "That was a crazy time, huh? I'll bet we could do that again." Joe says, "werd."
by Jeff Earle March 24, 2006
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Originally deriving from the Bronx phrase "word up" (as heard in Cameo's 1990 hit of the same name), this Internet variation has taken storm in a similar fashion.

The contraction "word" was also heavily used, and the only real difference between the Bronx variant and the Internet one is its spelling.

1. Can be used as a greeting
2. Can be used as a positive response
3. Can be used as a confirmation request
Person 1: "Yo"
Person 2: "Werd"

Person 1: "You want a meatshake?"
Person 2: "Werd, I love meatshake!"

Person 1: "He gave me the wrong shake!"
Person 2: "Werd?"
by VaderCoW August 26, 2005
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Werd: Scottish Based Mc (UK Hiphop/Rap)
Co-Released the Mixtape 'Werd n Deeko Vol.1' Through S.O.S (Sons of Scotland)© Records in 2007.
Also Features on DJ Scuba Steve's Mixtapes 'Scotland Stand up Vol.1' and 'Scotland Stand up Vol.2' as well as other various projects.

name 'Werd' Taken from first name 'Drew' backwards.

Currently Signed to indie lable S.O.S
Quoted as 'one of the future forces in Scottish Hip Hop'
Werd: Werd n Deeko - Scottish Rap Group and co-founder of S.O.S. Records ©
by Urban_Info November 27, 2007
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Has multiple definitions. Can be used in whatever way the speaker feels fits the situation best.
1.)Thats werd to your mother, g.

2.) Werd? where do you think he went?

3.) I just found a dollar! Werd!

4.) someone stole my dollar, werd...
by This be is robot August 14, 2006
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A Werd is when you are walking along in the woods enjoying nature and you feel a terd coming out and you can't stop it so you have to take a Werd, you have no choice.
I wonder how many werds have been taken in these woods? This is probably my 13th, 14th .
by SenorSauce December 13, 2021
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