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Werd \werd\ interj (ca.1960) {a slang term whose origin is based on the remembrance of WERD; the first black-owned radio station, based out of the Masonic building in Atlanta, Georgia, owned and operated between 1949-1968 by Jesse B. Blayton and a means of media exposure for Dr. Martin Luther King} 1: a statement within itself of agreement and power
"Remember this?" Jack said, pointing to a picture. Joe says, "werd." "That was a crazy time, huh? I'll bet we could do that again." Joe says, "werd."
by Jeff Earle March 23, 2006
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An acronym for the phrase "Well Expressed Rational Declaration."
Guy: "Man, that woman certainly has an amazing figure, old chap."

Other Guy: "WERD"
by basementaljack August 04, 2010
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Deriving from the American character "word," werd is an acknowledement of what a fellow person has said. It will sometimes come after a laugh, just letting them know you accept what they're saying.
Friend 1: "Hey! You see that fly chicken over there?"
Friend 2: "Werd!! You see her friend?"
by Will Finley August 01, 2003
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1. What you say to sound interested or to avoid talking to someone annoying.
2. Used in replacement for "oh" or "really" ; when surprised.
3. Used when something funny was heard.
4. Used when something is phat or really kool.
5. Agreeing with what someone just said.
1. Annoying person: Yo dawg wassup?
You: werd
Annoying person: I'm so fucking wasted dawg!
You: werd

2. Someone: Yo dawg, I just got a hott system that cost madd cash!
You: Werd?!
3. Someone: Yo, this fat bitch was talkin' madd shit about me. So I smacked that bitch up!!
You: hahaha, werd
4. You: Yo, dat system in yo car is madd werd yo.
5. Someone: Yo the bitch is so stupid!
You: Werd man, she is.
by pAtmOthAFnpRIcE March 24, 2003
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Originally deriving from the Bronx phrase "word up" (as heard in Cameo's 1990 hit of the same name), this Internet variation has taken storm in a similar fashion.

The contraction "word" was also heavily used, and the only real difference between the Bronx variant and the Internet one is its spelling.

1. Can be used as a greeting
2. Can be used as a positive response
3. Can be used as a confirmation request
Person 1: "Yo"
Person 2: "Werd"

Person 1: "You want a meatshake?"
Person 2: "Werd, I love meatshake!"

Person 1: "He gave me the wrong shake!"
Person 2: "Werd?"
by VaderCoW August 26, 2005
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"I was sleep walking mom?"
"Werd, yo, you was in the kitchen!"
by Meredith August 27, 2003
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