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(abbreviation for Slob-life) normally used in this form to describe someone who is physically inactive, or lacking the mental capacity for work. the state of movitational scantness. generally used in context to, but not limited to, describe someone or something that is extremely lazy. essentially one who is a slife can apply the motto of "i'm not be worried about it" or "i'm ok with that" to any facet of life. can be used as a noun or verb or any other way you feel the need to use it.
ex 1)
Josh: dude, do you want to see if eric wants to come play ball with us?

Cole: I can ask but you know hes just gonna slife out of it.

ex 2)
keith: hey we are going to the beach do you want to come? I think the surfs good.

Kurt: no thanks. im kind of tired, I think i'll just slife around for a few hours till you guys get back

ex 3)
Paul: Do you think its safe to be as inactive as walter has been lately?

Jamal: I see what you're saying. I think his slifestyle is becomming a health issue, we should schedule a conclave with young walter as soon as possible.
by Josh Jacomet May 30, 2008
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A shortened version of "that is life", commonly used by people who don't care about other's problems
Jane: "dude, my mom found my stash and they're sending me to boarding school"
Bob: "slife dude"
by meltdownX March 02, 2004
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