A frequently-stereotyped educational institution that often features a more diverse population than most people believe. Contrary to popular belief, not all boarding school students are snotty, preppy airheads and jocks. Not all are sent there as preparation for becoming trophy wives or CEOs. Boarding schools are not as weird and sheltered as they are portrayed to be (especially not for day students) and they do have significant value other than "getting the kids out of the way".

Many parents send children to boarding schools for high school because they feel this will better prepare them for college life. Others live in areas with poor public schooling systems and elect to send their children elsewhere, so they can have a better education. It may come as a shock to some that many boarding school students come from extremely rural areas or from so-called "bad neighborhoods" and are there on scholarship.

Living at a boarding school often puts kids in contact with people they would never meet otherwise, as students often come from all over the world. Interacting with people from different places and backgrounds generally broadens the students' minds and horizons. Dorm life requires that they learn to live with other people and to effectively resolve problems with roommates and neighbors.

It is recommended that one actually visit or attend a boarding school (as with a public or other private school) before passing judgement.
Boarding schools in general are not the elitist "rich kids' schools" they are made out to be.
by Feh July 29, 2005
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boarding school also known as prep school, with the usual steryotype of boarding school = rich kids which is NOT completely true, dont read the It girl. lots of the kids in boarding school are on financial aid; majority get in becuase of their ACADEMIC TALENTS, excusee mwah. most of the kids at boarding school are some of the best students in the country. the most popular schools include exeter, andover, deerfield, milton, groton, choate, hotchkiss, lawrenceville, taft, st.paul's, etc.
Caroline: Oh, you go to boarding school? Which one? i go to andover.
Andy: well, i applied to st. paul's and milton, but got rejected from milton's and waitlisted on st. paul's.
by heynow February 21, 2006
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boarding school is a place where parents ship off their own kids. don't get me wrong going away prepares kids for college more than any other place. you have life changing experiences but many times the kids 80% of the time feel completely abandoned. most of the time its just a bunch of flithy rich kids,once in a while you will find a kid on financial aid that slips through the cracks, and ends up feeling like an outcast because they can't keep up with the rich kids. many kids are secretly suicidal because of the pressure to get into a good college, get good grades. and really smart people are outshined by even smarter ones. drugs and alcohal are used alot the schools have no idea. many students from prep school go to colleges like columbia and Harvard. if your going to go to boarding school go to one in Connecticut.. i mean it is the richest state in the nation. duh

p1- what boarding school do you go to?

p2- andover? what about you?

p1- the kent school. did you know that kent is home 2 other boarding schools like Marvelwood and south kent? and i know exactly where kira sedgwick, oscar de la renta and kevin bacon lives.

p2- "thinking"... well um. did you know that i'm really rich?!!

you know you go to boarding school when:

you are closer to your chemistry teacher than your mother

it its snowed 8 feet and you still have school

when your best friends live in california, turkey, korea

when the the dean has seen you in your pajamas and its normal

when your advisor whose know you since you were 14 becomes your dad

when the students and teacher joke like siblings

when your going to school on presidents day and federal holidays have nothing to do with you

when the internet shuts off at 11pm

when you go to school 6 days a week including saturdays

when your next door neighbor is from papal new guinea

when youve learned how to swear in 6 differnt languages

when you can distinguish between korean, thai, japanese, taiwanese, and chinese because you hear it all the time

when you become closer to your friends rather than family

when your in 11th grade. but youve been home twice this year

when you took A.P chemistry as a sophomore
and calculus B.C as a junior

when an A stands for average

when everybody has at least a 3.6 gpa

if you only get one B+ out of 7 classes and everyone one thinks your stupid and teachers get concerned

when you can count on 2 hands how many times youve seen your family in the past 4years

when your home for a month during vacations

when at least 12 people at home have forgotten your existence

when you go to school with people that could buy out oprahs studio

when youv'e met more different kinds of people than oprah and maury put together..well maybe not maury.

you've walked by your dorm parent (a man) just in your towel on the way to the shower and neither of you notice

when you live above your english teacher

when you watch tv shows like greys anatomy or mtv with the calculus teacher several times in the week and you don't notice

when on person gets sick. the whole school is.

when the night watch man has seen you changing from your window. regularly.

when you miss dinner life is over.. and you go hungry until the next day

when you cant say i left my homework at home.

when you have manitory study hall

when you cant eat any food without someone wanting some.

when a B- is frowned upon

when you get exicted to be able to wear jeans and a sweatshirt to school

when you havent watched tv in a month and it doesnt phase you

when you go home and you don't know what prime time shows are becuse you have study hall during that time

when you don't know the names of any shows to watch when you get home

when your physics study partner is from france

when all the people in your class live in different countires.

when you babysit your history teachers kids on weekdays

creating plans to runaway or jump out your windows becomes a daily topic among your friends

when you make things like this and your still bored afterwards.

when youve met people that could buy baby jesus 10 times and still have money left over to do it 10 more times

you've been monitored at night and all nights by people who are not your parents

when the school A.P stats teacher drives you to the mall on sundays

when youve played video games 3x's with your headmaster and dean this week and it phases neither of you

when facebook is blocked its like a 1968 detroit riot

when you have basketball practice at 9pm and 5am and you have no choice

when teacher have cursed you out at least 10 times this week and it doesnn't phase you..

when your starving but cant do anything about it

when your a teenager but you get direct deposit into your debit account

when youve basically been an adult since the age of 14

when everyone has .. everything

when 9 people people from the senior class got accepted to princeton

when perfection is not expected. its reality.
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A school you live at. A lot of times you get sent there when you're bad, or when you're parents are hella rich.
Aww Brian got sent off to boarding school after his parents caught him selling drugs!
by Jeweliepop February 14, 2009
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Boarding school, a place where the wealthy send their potential trophy wife daughters and CEO worthy sons. A casual luxury that only the northeastern country club members can afford. The boarding school will take these overly preppy children and will give them the finest education. Because of their large sums of money their is a casual influx of illegal drugs and alcohol. These kids are being raised into the upper class of soceity consisting of yahats, coctail parties, summers sailng off the coast of Nantucket and second or third homes in Maine, New Hampshire, and Coneticuit. Always wearing lacoste, ralph lauren, jcrew, and lily pulitzer these children have a classy sense of style. Boarding Schools students from schools like Andover, St Pauls, The Hill school, Exeter, Larenceville, and Choete( only the best in the nation) usually attend the finest ivy leagues. A popped collar, pearls, flipflops(even in winter), and mens rugbys shirts are an essential to a preppy life at boarding school.
Hillary: Omg Jane, I love your new Vera Bradley Bag. Its adorable. When did you get it?

Jane: Oh why thank you, I got it this summer At a little botique in Nantucket. Thats the same week Daddy bought his new yahat. It was so fun, we had this huge coctail party on it, paris hilton was there.

Hillary: Thats sounds cute, your so lucky this summer I only went to Europe and sailing in the Bahamas, i was so mad. I didnt even get the Mercedes i wanted! It was so horrible My parents dont love me.
by alexandria and noelle May 7, 2005
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A place where students can receive a good education, while also living the life of an orphan. These students' parents are often workaholics who are either unwilling or unable to raise their own children. Instead of growing up with parents, siblings, relatives, and guardians, 14 year old children are sent away on their own and forced to become family with strangers they may or may not like.

While parents will brag about the excellent education their children are receiving, they fail to acknowledge that they don't even see their children regularly enough to actually see what schoolwork they are doing. In reality, these children could receive just as good of an education in a day school while also maintaining normal living arrangements with their own families.

Some of these parents will be delusional and claim that they are involved in their boarding children's lives more than parents of regular students are. No, seeing your children a few days a year does not count as good parenting. Basically, this is pretty much an upscale orphanage where kids do not have the opportunity to excel in anything offered outside of their confined boarding school community. These children won't get part time after school jobs, won't get to run errands, won't get to visit out of town family/friends, and pretty much will have little contact with the real world.
I went to boarding school, AKA I pretty much raised myself and wasn't allowed to do anything outside of my school, include see my own parents, without a dean's permission.
by Brielle A July 21, 2011
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A place where kids go to get away from home earlier than most, grow on their own and are put in a bubble that shelters them to the outside world's harm and harsh realities....drugs used often
campus in the middle of nowhere, small town, brick buildings, curfew and preps
by izz April 14, 2005
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