not posting content or being active on social media or video streaming services

people will be inactive for several reasons like being busy, bored, or no longer wanting to produce content
The youtube channel "ToasterGhost" created by Sohinki and Lasercorn, has been inactive for one year.
by LKEWXD September 14, 2019
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-originated by jfran7 in las vegas referring to a whack music festival that got shut down on a saturday.

-the opposite of being active.
"lets go, this party is inactive" , "take a shot and wake up, you look so inactive"
by ghicks21 June 12, 2012
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Inactive Gamer - A Gamer who does not play video games as much as others. For Example: Somebody who played season 1 fortnite but then stopped playing that much and only played 2-6 times during a fortnite season. And decides to return during season 5
"Bobby P you are an inactive gamer because you stopped playing fortnite"
by RD6TheProcess July 15, 2018
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a state of being where one obstains from, whether volunarily or not, sex.

One obstaining from sex for 145 days one is officially sexually inactive.
Shit, I've been off the lady grid so long I must be sexually inactive by now!
by rosefart November 12, 2010
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A superhero who defends humanity against the Forces of Evil and the Dark Lords who control them through his mystic powers of inaction.

He possesses the gift of Sight, allowing him to see things that don’t exist, and superhuman powers of inaction, enabling him to do nothing for a very long time.

Together with his assistant, The Symbol, and the world’s second great superhero, The Illogical Woman, he battles the dark pan-dimensional forces that surround us but go unseen by we mere mortals; lost and ossified as we are, in the fatal fog of routine.
"Only by the powers of inaction can the evils of action be undone," Inaction Man warned his assailant.
by Ministry Fox January 12, 2012
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An inactive crush is the aftermath of liking someone for a very long time. Every now and then feelings will pop up for that person but won't last long at all. It is showing the heart and the body how to ease away from a certain person. it prevents you from liking someone else besides the person and all you can do is stop trying to push it away and just live.
Megans inactive crush kicked in and she started liking Tim again, but only for 2 minutes.
by Stahley13 May 07, 2016
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A person you are in a relationship but you do not have sex with. Either both by choice or one no longer seeks sexual activity from the other but still considers them a partner.
Rob and Jason are in a relationship ,Jason has been an inactive partner for several years.
by Reese's Piece June 21, 2020
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