Slang word used in Philly
Yo bro they mixing
We mixing after school real rap
by Tamia18 June 27, 2013
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Mixing(n.)- A Philadelphia term used in place of the word Fighting.
"Yo did anyone see them two dudes mixing outside the Methadone Clinic?"
by drrakarr25 May 4, 2018
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A word phrase from north charleston
Mixing is to be having sex until you produce a child or being in consistent contact until a child. After child is born the women will go back to whoever has dominion over them or with the guy they like mixing with the most who most likely has dominion over her
Who you mixing with bubba?
Aww man you out the mix
by Cooler the ruler August 8, 2021
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The act of inserting your fingers into your rectum while defecating, and stirring the mixture till it has the consistency of soft serve ice cream.
Did you hear the guy at the pizza shop is mixing and doesn’t wash his hands.
by LilBro617 June 4, 2021
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The term “mixed” is used to refer to a person of multi-ethnic origin. “Mixed” is commonly used to refer to bi-racial or tri-racial people; however, a mixed person is really just anyone with more than 2 races in their ethnic background (e.g. African, Asian, European, Indigenous American, Indigenous Australian, and/or Pacific Islander etc.)
“Bro guess what?! I just got my DNA results from 23andMe. I thought I was just Saudi Arabian but it turns out I’m kind of mixed: 70% Middle Eastern, 15% European, 10% African, and 5% Asian!”

“5% Asian? Bro what if your ancestors knew my ancestors in China a long time ago?!”



“You don’t look mixed because you don’t have light skin, light eyes, or light-colored hair...and your hair is too curly.”

“Actually, my biological father is Afro-Caribbean and my biological mother is Indo-Fijian. Being mixed doesn’t mean a person has to have light-colored features or look partly European.”


“Oh my god your kids are so cute, I love mixed babies! I would marry outside my race too so I can have exotic bi-racial kids! They’ll have perfect hair, pretty eyes, and the best skin color...I wish I was bi-racial so I could be hot AND help to end racism!”

“Okay, no. First of all, don’t objectify mixed children like that. Secondly, Bi-racial people are still human beings, not some ethnic fetish or a racial fantasy.”
by BallFloatingInSpace2019 December 17, 2019
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It has been reported that the phrase "in the mix" has been causing a stir in the world of tennis. The originators of this catchy terminology are none other than the esteemed tennis pundits, Catherine Whitaker, David Law, and Matt Roberts, of The Tennis Podcast. They employ this phrase to identify players who exhibit a high probability of emerging victorious in upcoming tournaments, with a keen focus on analyzing various factors including form, match-ups, and precise shot predictions, all forgotten once the first serve is hit!

However, one must not be overly optimistic, for being "in the mix" does not automatically guarantee a spot in the picks in these expert analysts' weekly newsletter. Rather, this coveted position is reserved for those players who offer the greatest potential for these experts to accumulate points in their ongoing prediction game.

Despite the hype surrounding being "in the mix," it is important to note that this designation does not provide any significant advantages for the players themselves. Nevertheless, it has become a popular catchphrase that lends itself well to adorning trendy apparel.
Rafa Nadal is in the mix for the French Open
by TheTennisWordsmith March 12, 2023
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