A story, written in the format of a slam poem - an intense emotional free style poem with the intention of a performance ( see slam poem on urban dictionary ).
He performed an excellent story slam about how he first fell in love and got rejected.
by unlessroses March 15, 2016
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*must be done by 7 foot ogre woman*
The act of ejecting yourself from your $2 rolling chair into the skull of the inferior being attempting to t-pose upon you.
In kindergarten, i got swamp-slammed for trying to show the letter t with my body. Hard. I now have brain damage.
by Sweatysalamander September 17, 2018
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Two hand slam is the act of pleasuring ones self with both hands vigorously. Commonly done by males with an average penis size to make them think it's bigger than it actually is. If one is fortunate enough to receive said two hand slam it will be a very memorable experience and cause you to only pleasure yourself with it from here on out
Guy 1: Man, both of my forearms are super sore

Guy 2: Bro, it's gotta be from all the jerking off

Guy 1: No its not that...
Guy 2: Once you get used to the two hand slam your forearms won't hurt anymore. Trust me
by Two hand slammer October 10, 2017
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When one person, grabs the cock of another and hoisters it to there side like a cowboy, then proceeds to jump up and SLAM them down to the ground cock still in hand
“Me and my girl did Some kinky shit last night, she gave me Yee Ol cock slam.”
by September 14, 2020
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Shitter slam or toilet slam is a term that refers to toilet action usually involving one or more individuals, in which all of the "victims" inside said toilet (or rarely a bath) are pissing, shitting and vomiting simultaneously
pesron A: Hey Greg wtf happened to you? You look like a victim of plague or something
person B: Oh really? i haven't noticed. I simply had no time as i was having the wildest shitter slam in the morning
person A: Oh boy...
by Hoppeh December 26, 2019
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The act of sneaking in two party popper pistols into the bedroom and shooting them off when the man cums scaring the girl after pulling out and finishing on her back so the confetti sticks to her.
Yah bro I gave my girl a real Yosemite slam last night I think she still has it stuck to her back.
by dirty randy March 19, 2015
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