The prettiest unicorn in all the lands. She gallops on a rainbow of sour skittles, to a pot of lucky charms where a leprechaun (person McNugget) named Bill gives her a thousand hairless kittens. She then transforms into a raptor and rrRRRRAAAHhhhhh-runs away with her kittens mewing along behind.

Kari is an incredibly beautiful (inside and out) woman who is empathetic and cares deeply for her friends. She has the largest heart and extends her love to everyone, including in volunteering opportunities with people who need love the most. She is a loyal friend and an honest friend, valuing the importance of accountability and being appropriately called out - always with love and understanding. To be perfectly frank, words cannot completely describe how amazing this girl is.
Person 1: Who is that raptor over there?
Person 2: Ohhh that's Kari. She's purrrfectly fantastic. I want to hang out with her....right...meow.
by smallloose May 9, 2013
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Kari is beautiful and amazing. Always makes me laugh with her corny little jokes yet her harsh rudeness. Her ego is up but it's a good positive one. She always has alot of positive things to share to people. Kari is constantly changing her hair color! But fuck she looks good in any one of them. Kari has an amazing smile, beautiful eyes and curls that would make you jealous! Her fashion is on point. Kari is Kari.
Kari is my bitch, my best friend. My homie til the end of time. My peanut butter to my jelly.
by Y0 future March 20, 2013
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The best person you will ever meet. Drop-dead gorgeous. Kind-hearted. No fear. Selfless. Beautiful. Perfect.

And too good for anyone.
Person 1 "I love Kari"
Person 2 "I love Kari more"
by partylikear0ckstar July 6, 2012
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kari is the greatest. she is always there when i need her and no matter what i do she will always understand. she is beautiful on the outside and on the inside. shes soo funny and she can always make me smile even when im down so low...she is my beat friend. i would never know what i would do without her.
by calley May 3, 2005
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Loving,Beautiful,amazing person with an amazing sense of humor and amazing taste in style
Kari is beautiful
by Rain(: November 9, 2010
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"Kari" often a female first name but can be used as a male name.In Finland, Kari is a male name, which was particularly popular in the 1940s and 1950s. The name is derived from the Greek Makarios (or Macarius).

In Norway, Kari is a popular female name. This name is diminutive of Katharine, meaning "pure". The corresponding Swedish and German name is Karin.

In Iceland and Faroe Islands, Kári is a male name, based on a Scandinavian god of wind of the same name. The corresponding Norwegian male name is Kåre or Kaare.
by Red ridding hood December 20, 2016
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