v. to decline/pass on a deal, or idea altogether.
Jerome: "I got a pair of Yeezy 2 solars and I want to get at least $2000 for them. You interested?"

Montrell: "You serious bruh?! I'm gonna have to Steve Nash on that. You smoking that premium kush, B."
by xaM September 11, 2012
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A player in the national basketball association. He plays for the Phoenix Suns.

Steve Nash is the shortest player in the Nba history to achieve back to back MVP awards.

These awards are highly deserved however as Steve Nash is by far the best point guard currently in the NBA bar none.

Not only does he lead the lead in assists but also is among the top of the league in free throw %.

However Steve Nash's stats which are only marginally better then last year isnt the reason he won the MVP award in the 05-06 season. Following the injury of 2 time all star Amare Stoudemire, one of the nba's leading scorers in the 04-05 season, went out with an injury early in the season that caused him to miss most games in the 05-06 season.
Most teams in this position would have crumbled from such a devestating loss (proven by the Houston Rockets with Tracy McGrady absent for mere months). However, as the suns are the most unique franchise in the current nba this loss as well as the loss of Kurt Thomas, Joe Johnson and Quintin Richardson has only marginally affected the Suns as they came off the season with a win record only slightly less then last season.

This was all thanks to Steve Nash who was able to mould a team based on fast breaks and killer 3 point shooters (eg Raja Bell, Leandro Barbosa etc)
Steve Nash is a synonym of unselfish, self-sacrificing all star point guard
by Elton Brand's ho May 16, 2006
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The best point guard in the NBA. Won the MVP last year and is well on his way to get it again this year.
Man did you watch the Suns beat down the Spurs last night... Steve Nash was dropping dimes left and right!
by Jason Sanders April 9, 2006
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v. - to warm up a girl met at a party and then hook her up with a friend.

Named for the NBA all-star and leader in assists, this act will make you as popular with your wingmen as Steve Nash is with the Suns.
Ben: Yo, I hooked up with this really hot Zeta last night, bro!
Sam: Really? How did you manage that?
Ben: Easy! Ari totally Steve Nashed me that pussy!

Ari: Ey!
by Caldwell Crib January 22, 2009
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Phoenix Suns guard, 2 time MVP, and currently the best point guard in the NBA. (CP3< NASH)
Steve Nash will lead the Suns to a championship in 2009!
Steve Nash is amazing!
Steve Nash rocks!
by Suns Lover 13 June 18, 2008
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1. Best point guard in the NBA.

2. An extremely underrated defender.

3. To improve a team by a margin of 33 wins.
1. Steve Nash, 2-time MVP of the Phoenix Suns, is the best current PG in the NBA and the 9th best PG in the history of the league.

2. Joe took 5 charges in that game and his team won by exactly 10 points, but the TV analysts STILL say he's the worst defender! Joe's a real Steve Nash.

3. Too bad Iverson couldn't pull off a Steve Nash when he got traded to Detroit. Alas, Iverson is not the best PG in the game.
by #13 go get em February 20, 2009
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1.The act of grabbing testicles in the dick region while they are suspended in the air, especially at a higher elevation.
2.The act of grabbing balls.
3.Having a chest or body part more hairy than a freaking gorilla.
1.Dude, your girlfriend pulled a Steve Nash on me last night!
2.His armpits are pretty Steve Nash. I mean, they are REALLY Steve Nash.
by Funky Phree January 15, 2007
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