Nickname for the San Fernando Valley in California, known for having a lot of porn studios.
I moved to the Silicone Valley with my rubber tits to pursue a career as a porn star. After starring in over 200 creampie gangbangs, I upgraded my tits and ass from rubber to Silicone. I get even more, and higher quality, dicks in my pussy.
by Chestnut & Hazel April 10, 2019
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{Jack and John staring at a giant cleavage}

Joe: damn..! look at that cleavage! Never seen something that huge,.
John: Yeah I'm pretty sure that'll open up to be a silicone valley..
by jt95 October 5, 2014
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The cleavage that is a result of breast implants and poor choices of blouses.
Her cleavage was referred to as her ‘Silicone Valley’... because of its ‘inception’ created after breast augmentation.
by Major Thomas February 8, 2018
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Look at that chick's ugly tattoo in her silicone valley!
by roarkfish July 15, 2006
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the Santa Clara Valley in California (from the computer companys located in the area)
Silicon valley has had a tremendous impact on modern technology.
by Light Joker June 1, 2007
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a region in Northern California along the west shore of the San Francisco Bay, that stretches from San Jose to San Francisco, that is a major center for high-tech manufacturing and numerous web-based corporations. It has a high cost of living as a result and and is among the most expenesive regions in the United States to live.
Silicon Valley has a very liberal mindset with a diverse population
by July 28, 2007
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