Anywhere geographically located near or North of San Francisco bay. In more recent years, Northern California has been referred to as 'Nor Cal', a dismal attempt by a young crowd to compete with Southern California's already abhorred 'So Cal' slogan.
1. n, Northern California is very beautiful compared to the barren wasteland of Southern California

2. n, Northern California is longer to pronounce than 'Nor Cal', but one doesn't sound like an ass.
by Moke July 22, 2008
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Northern California is considered San Francisco and up. It is a million times more beautiful than ugly fake Southern California and doesn't have 3 Starbucks' on every scorner.

Includes the Golden Gate Bridge, beautiful Redwood forests, Mt. Shasta, acres of wine country, and its beaches actually have blue water (instead of murky green/brown) and beautiful, big boulders.

The further north you go, the less development and fake plastic orange people with unnecessary amounts of money there are, and the more untouched landscape and scenery there is.
Me: I went on a roadtrip up Highway 1 to Northern California today.
You: OMG, I'm soo jealous, San Bernadino County sucks so much!
by tieganwikiwiki April 17, 2010
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The region of California that is everything north of San Jose. It is MOSTLY untouched from the rest of California's chaos and is the only conservative and beautiful place left in California. It consists of pine tree covered mountains, peaceful suburban towns (like Redding, CA), and abandoned buildings that are prime for urban explorers. Unfortunately, the California plague doesn't stop evolving, so the beautiful forests that everyone knows and loves will be burned down in the next 10 years
"I'm from California." - Californian

"Oh don't you go vote blue now, ya hear?!" - Texan

"Don't worry I'm from Northern California" - Californian
"What's the difference? - Texan
by plus-size albert December 23, 2020
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The Northernmost part of California. Where it's always raining, there are trees everywhere, it's usually cold, people don't like say like like like a million like times like, we don't all surf, we're either rude and introverted, rude and extroverted, or VERY FEW of us are nice and ambiverted. YES. IT EXISTS!! And it isn't just San Fransisco.
Person1: I'm from California!
Person2: Hm, so you must be really good at surfing.
Person1: No. I don't surf.
Person2: You don't even have blonde hair!
by NorthernCalifornian101 September 2, 2020
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Hella used by many in Sacramento, people are under the impression that that is the way everybody talks everywhere else
Everyone uses the word Hella too much
by Cody April 21, 2005
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