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AKA: "Sideline bitches", are the large number of people who sit around in the confinement of their own little worlds, picking apart the actions and efforts of others. These sub standard human beings often do not even realize that they are indeed a bunch of do nothing, whining, over opinionated, pussies, with no personal accountability or personal experiences. They tend to form their opinions based on other's words, most often provided by the media or other sideliners, allowing them to feel like they're part of the action. They will talk until the day they die, but will never be the person who actually takes part in events that are worthy of discussion or praise.
1)Dude #1: Man, this douche bag keeps trying to holler at my girl while I'm "away on business". Telling her, "if I cared I wouldn't be leaving."
Brotha'#2: What a motha'fuckin hater.
Dude #1: Ya, he is quite the sideline bitch. I think I might have to kill him. Want to help me remove his teeth and burn the body?
Brotha' #2: Fo'sho.

2) The self proclaimed "left wing", liberal elements of the United States political scene are nothing more than a bunch of sideliners. Someone should explain to them that waving signs and chanting won't stop extremist organizations from expanding and beheading them.

3) It is not a good a idea for a sideliner to approach a United States Army Ranger with his or her bullshit. It will most likely result in them getting skull fucked.

by 275WatchMan7tre April 23, 2009
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