A cable network, much like HBO, but not as popular.
Do you have Showtime?

Nope, I watch HBO.
by BamMANGA August 29, 2006
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A sex position involving one person (usually the male) to enter the second person (female) from behind. A spooning position. Named after the fact that it's the only position that is allowed to be shown in a soft core porno that is aired late at night on Showtime.
Dude, i was watching some crazy porno called Sex Games Cancun 2 and the only move they ever did was the showtime!
by sarahsaurus September 23, 2008
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1. The best skater to ever play Skate or Skate 2 on Xbox Live. Also known as SaInT ShOwTiMe, his gamertag. He invented number 2.

2. The highest scoring trick on Skate 2. It consists of doing a No Foot Air to Superdude to Christ Air
1. man, did you see ShOwTiMe and Masterbeej53 in their most intense Spot Battle yet? It was off the heezy. There was scrilla on the line, and some major bling-bling.

2. man did you see SaInT ShOwTiMe pull off the Showtime in that intense Spot Battle with sena21eyeshield? He used it to win some major scrilla and bling-bling.
by SaInT ShOwTiMe June 23, 2009
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extending any competitive event for longer than needed,

for the purpose of asserting dominance, or showing off.
I couldve finished that ping pong game earlier, but I was just showtiming

He could have finished the fight in the first, but he showtimed, and got knocked out.

He couldve finished the fight in the first, but he showtimed and got know
by katdoggsmom November 29, 2014
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A Filipino television show that was temporarily suspended by the Movie and Television Ratings Classification Board (MTRCB) for promoting social and moral indecency in many of its segments. Its two week long removal has been a litmus test as to whether one is appalled or actually tolerates shows of this low moral fiber.
Woke: SuPPoRt iT's ShoWtIme!!!
MTRCB: *Jokes on you*
by Anti-Normies September 7, 2023
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Most amazing guy ever. Part of Marvel Inc, when it comes to dancing hes a BEAST! Hes also Sexy and the most hottest guy you will ever meet.Real name is Alex.Hes also a Dancer/Choreographer/Rapper
If i danced like Showtime i would break my arms.
by GRANDbaby October 16, 2011
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