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when you try to pull a joke on someone and instead you are the victim, the joke is on you.
If you put glue on your friends seat and mistakenly sit there, the jokes on you
by Qachosky June 07, 2014
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When you are wrong...WRONG...WRONG...WRONG...WRONG...WRO- basically when you say something that is incorrect in front of a Hispanic or African-American person they'll probably correct you and then make you realize how unintelligent you are by saying, "Jokes on you."
European: Shrek Memes are not funny
African-American: *pulls out phone*

Hispanic: *gives the European a you're kidding me look*

African-American: *shows the European a meme of Shrek naked in the shower*

European: huh maybe Shrek memes are funny
African-American and Hispanic together: Jokes on you
by JeeJeeTheHeeHee November 27, 2020
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