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A sex position involving one person (usually the male) to enter the second person (female) from behind. A spooning position. Named after the fact that it's the only position that is allowed to be shown in a soft core porno that is aired late at night on Showtime.
Dude, i was watching some crazy porno called Sex Games Cancun 2 and the only move they ever did was the showtime!
by sarahsaurus September 22, 2008
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Playing a video game while getting one or more blowjobs (enough to span the entire time of the game), and winning the game.
Man #1: I can't believe we won every game tonight!
Man #2: Yeah, I even got the beating the game on legendary achievement!
Man #1: But we weren't playing Halo...
Man #2: I know!
by sarahsaurus September 26, 2010
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