A shitbox is a vehicle with one or more of the following features.

Rebuilt or salvage title

Spare tire on rim/donut

Cracked windshield

Broken window motor

Garbage bag on one or more windows

Exhaust leak

Squealing belt

Bad alternator

Aftermarket emblems

Check engine light is on

Etc..... You get what I'm saying ๐Ÿ˜‰
Hey Nate, my shitbox needs a new window. You got any spare contractor trash bags?
by Lilbitchboy March 10, 2019
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A motor vehicle of poor quality, that is valued at or bellow $1000 and is driven on the annual "Shitbox Rally" through extremely remote and isolated areas of the Australian outback. The idea being that each team, of which there are 250, needs to find a Shitbox and prepare it for the Shitbox rally without spending more than $1000 on it.
Teams are also required to raise money for the Cancer Council. Since its inception in 2010, the Shitbox rally has grown to become the single largest fund raising event for the Cancer Council. The rally now raises in excess of $1,000,000 annually for the Cancer Council.
The people that take part in the Shitbox rally often refer to themselves as "Shitboxers".
Teams travel to Australia from all over the world to take part in the Shitbox Rally.
If your Shitbox dies on the rally, it is going in a hole... and your rally is over!
by Shitboxer September 13, 2013
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A vehicle that is an unfun EV pod or economy focused point A to point B driver. Japanese brands are perfect for adding the shitbox moniker to as they are slow and primarily driven by Boomers/misinformed Gen X drivers or bugmen incels who think they're Takumi from Initial D
Look at this nerd lil Timmy driving his shitbox gr86/BRZ/miata thinking he's Takumi getting GAPPED
by V8GappedYou May 9, 2023
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A garage engineered, junkyard supercar.
Marc shoved a 600 hp big block in his 88 f150 and kept everything else stock, you don't need brakes to go fast anyways, he's got himself a real shitbox
by Robertplowedbobbi March 2, 2021
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i.e. a Hot Wheels Regular Treasure Hunt

Describes the cars in the Regular Treasure Hunt Series released by Hot Wheels.
Davit: "I went into Wal-Mart this morning and the pegs were plump full!"

Si: "What did you find?"

Davit: "I saw the green stripe and got all excited just to find out it was just a shitbox."
by Looped Out November 2, 2009
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1. A garbage ass car, either because it hasn't been properly taken care of or it just wasn't any good to begin with.
2. A woman's asshole.
1. Maybe if you got rid of that hooptie ass shitbox Cobalt you'd get some bitches on your dick!
2. When I get out of work I'm gonna go to your mom's house and tongue-punch her shitbox.
by AC Sativa April 1, 2018
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