A Hot Wheels mustang will last longer than a ford mustang
by beef_supreme July 9, 2011
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A synonym for "Beat That."

This is because almost all of the "Hot Wheels" commercials constantly shout the phrase, so much in fact, that the two have become interchangeable.
*random person is sniped by n00b*

n00b: Hot Wheels!
by nubluva March 3, 2007
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The act of setting a kid in a wheelchair on fire and watching it roll down a hill.
1. You know Rodney?
2. That disabled kid?
1. Yeah! Let’s go hot wheels him!
2. Hell yeah!
by WickedJohn February 21, 2020
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An annoying paraplegic that uses her disability for pity. I.E. Cel.
Oh, Hot Wheels? I hate her.
by Rob November 27, 2004
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When you’re hitting it from the back and start playing hot wheels on her back and use her curves as ramps
Yo bro I was totally hot wheeling your sister last night
by Creamy love March 28, 2020
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the act of pushing an individual in a wheelchair into a fire
I hot wheels'd that fucking idiot in the wheelchair that made fun of my dog's death.
by doikcorridor June 3, 2021
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