Davit is an armenian name. Davit's are known for massive cocks and a sexy body. They can beat everyone and they are very intelligent.
Girl1: How is he?
Girl2: I can't stop thinking about him, he is my Davit
by imrightiknow November 23, 2021
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asian way of saying, "David". Davits tend to be dead sexy.

Also a small crane that raises and lowers small boats. Those, however, are not sexy. A davit is not sexy. A Davit is. Notice the capitalization.
asian lady1: Ohh, you know Davit?
asian lady2: Ahh, he gudt looking boy.
by magin March 7, 2007
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Someone who's considered soft or a 'softie'. A davit is often inter changeable with the word softie. A davit would have a distinct lack of toughness about them.
''Is that a davit over there?'' 'obviously ya muppet, look how soft that fella is'
by alzdefs March 5, 2015
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"A davit" I am impossible conversationalist..
Sounds like David..
That dude has worst temper and sucks at conversation.. I second that. He must be "a davit"
by 12speed December 11, 2022
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A man known for his amazing dicking sucking. He is comparable to the greats like Muhammad Ali or Mozart
gay man: hey there is a davit Azatyan down the block if you want some nice head
by Dazatcansuckmycock May 1, 2022
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Prostě a jednoduše mrtka davit
*someone joins a call on discord* oh lol its Mrtka Davit
by Rokayy August 18, 2020
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An affidavit used in a court case or administrative proceeding which takes substantial liberties with the truth, and contains gross exaggerations or over-simplifications, or is missing significant relevant facts needed to render the document genuinely truthful.
"He would never have gotten out of paying child support if not for that trumped-up daffy-davit his boss wrote."
by Ledbatz March 1, 2008
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