Any vehicle,(even a brand new one) that you are forced to use for commuting while something much more entertaining sits in the garage waiting for the weekend.
I wish I was driving my GTO instead of this SHITBOX.
by tractorfix December 06, 2003
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Can either be a beat up rusty old pick up truck of 2X4 or 4x4 suspension; or if you are in the military of your country it is the locker/footlocker you store your "shit", i.e. personal kit in...
eg. 1 There is a shitbox pickup truck contest on at the exhibition grounds in three weeks!!!
eg. 2 Shake out your shitboxes, and line up the contents on your bunks, plugs! Inspection in twenty six mike! the Sergeant shouted, booming....
by J. Michael Reiter July 14, 2004
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i.e. a Hot Wheels Regular Treasure Hunt

Describes the cars in the Regular Treasure Hunt Series released by Hot Wheels.
Davit: "I went into Wal-Mart this morning and the pegs were plump full!"

Si: "What did you find?"

Davit: "I saw the green stripe and got all excited just to find out it was just a shitbox."
by Looped Out November 02, 2009
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A shit box is another word for a mammals anal sphincter.
Yo, check out the shit box on that
bar-whore over there!
by MT Sack June 21, 2003
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(n)1. Literally a box filled with shit. 2. A car so thoroughly crappy (I.E. one with a muffler hanging off and/or a dented up car) that everyone hates it and calls it a shit-box.
"Damn! Your car is a shit-box!"
by James May 29, 2003
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