9 definitions by Lilbitchboy

Typically refers to a high-point pistol.

BTW a high-point is far from a problem solver
Yo deshawn. Grab my problem solver. That nigga that owes me money is down the block
by Lilbitchboy March 10, 2019
The act of accidentally sneezing on your smack. Creating a large white cloud that eventually settles on the surface it was originally on.
Yo dawg. Kevin and I we're gonna do some booger sugar last night but he sneezed and made a chalk board.
by Lilbitchboy March 10, 2019
The Pineda causeway is Brevard county's drag strip. You don't have to worry about getting pulled over because when you pass the cop doing 100 plus mph he'll never catch up.
I'm heading to the Pineda causeway to try out this new NOS kit
by Lilbitchboy March 10, 2019
Typically said when the mood is dull and there's not much going on.
" we out here at Wawa nigga. Whole lotta gang shit"
by Lilbitchboy March 10, 2019
Definitely not your riced out Honda or your 350z
Hey bro you see my new pantie dropper in the driveway
by Lilbitchboy March 10, 2019
A shitbox is a vehicle with one or more of the following features.

Rebuilt or salvage title

Spare tire on rim/donut

Cracked windshield

Broken window motor

Garbage bag on one or more windows

Exhaust leak

Squealing belt

Bad alternator

Aftermarket emblems

Check engine light is on

Etc..... You get what I'm saying 😉
Hey Nate, my shitbox needs a new window. You got any spare contractor trash bags?
by Lilbitchboy March 10, 2019