Someone who doesn't have the skills or talent to hold down a permanent job. They are inherently lazy and sneaky.
Gareth and Simeon are contractors because they can't get real jobs.
by napa2004 March 11, 2005
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An IT Contractor is a person that gets paid huge amounts of money for doing nothing at all. The IT Contractor first came into its own in 1999 when the world was conned into thinking all computers would crash at midnight , news years day 2000. This was the biggest scam of all time and has for ever since been a legend in IT Contracting circles.

Contractors can be seen most, if not all evenings, occupying large tables in Bars / Pubs and talking about how good Linux is and how end users are thick cunts.

See also Lazy Cunt , Idle , Scammer , Useless Tossers , Booze, Alcoholic
Help my company has too much money, we need to employ an IT Contractor.
by Terry T November 29, 2006
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What Kid Rock drives after being arrested for beating up Tommy Lee.
Kid Rock got released from the police station, jumped on his contractor, and sped off into the countryside.
by LeotheMan January 30, 2009
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Faggy asian kids who believe they have the ability to kill someone without guilt.
Kid: "I no longer have any qualms about kill you, for I am a contractor"
Me: "Shut the FUCK up"
by IchigoXDark January 20, 2010
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A particularly interesting term in that its two different meanings are indicative of opposite ends of the quality continuum.

1. When used to refer to tools of the trade that might be used by contractors, this term is used to indicate tools that are very rugged and of the highest quality.

2. When used to refer to the equipment & materials that a contractor, when left to his own devices, will install in a house or building, this term means the least expensive materials the contractor could get his hands on to get the job done.
1 - Look at this hammer - it's contractor grade.

2 - Just install some contractor grade cabinets; we don't have to live in it.
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The "prepared" beach-goer. Usually a large group of people, beach contractors can usually be identified by their large beach tent, excessive amount of drink coolers, towels, volley-ball net, and meat. Beach contractors spend just as much time setting up their tent, hauling their equipment from the car, and packing it all back in as much as they actually enjoy the beach. Beach contractors often come out on weekends, and stay for the entire day.

Maybe people dislike the beach contractor, because they are often loud and obnoxious; while others enjoy and linger near the beach contractor, because they can usually score food off them.
Kevin: Gee, Dave, I'm starved!

Dave: Look, it seems those beach contractors over there are just getting set up!

Kevin: Let's go linger and maybe score some food.
by Julia - Florida July 29, 2007
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