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An American mid-sized truck manufactured by Ford. It is supposedly going to be discontinued in 2011, although it was scheduled to be discontinued in 2009, a 2010 model was still released. The Ford Ranger is a great reliable truck, many of which have 200,000+ miles on the odometer and still run strong! These are great trucks and very popular. The reason for discontinuing the truck appears to be due to Ford's lack of attention. The Ranger has not gotten updated much since 1993. A few minor things since then. Apparently due to the success of the F150, Ford devotes alot of hours to improve the F150, and not the Ranger. With this being said foreign mid-sized trucks such as the Toyota Tacoma have been dominating the mid-sized truck industry. The Ranger was the best of the best back in it's day, but it's time has gone now. Rumor has it that the Ranger will be discontinued and the "F100" will be brought back in a few years. These statements have not been yet validated. All in all, the Ranger is a great truck for anyone who isn't looking for all the "bells & whistles"
Bob: I can't believe how many of them damn Ford Ranger's I see on the roads.
Jake: Yeah, thats because at one time they were the best truck around !
by MaRi0 March 12, 2010
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Small, economical truck made by Ford (1983-2011) that has unfortunately been discontinued. Mazda B series is a re-branded version of the same truck since companies pay a 25% tariff** on truck imports. Building a Mazda factory in the US was not economical for the volume they sold. Likely no longer made due Ford wanting to upsell consumers on a loaded F150 that's much more heavy and less economical than what a Ranger owner is looking for.

**(Bing Chicken Tax)
Ford Ranger like the Explorer and Probe seem more reliable than the rest of their cars. Must be cause Mazda was involved.

Now that the Ford Ranger is gone your choice is something big or bigger. I think I'll find a used Ranger.

In the USA Ford Rangers are driving by old people, young people and companies. Most anyone that needs a small truck with relatively decent mileage,
by Harley Earl January 04, 2012
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A truly badass truck made from 1983-2011 and 2018-current. A fucking good quarter ton with plenty of room. Just don't think your getting too many bells and whistles tho. In Canada these are known as f whoppers and really are good.

One bad thing: once people know you have one there goes your weekends.

P.s: if you want to haul beer kegs illegally, this is your best shot. Throw those fuckers in sideways and throw a tarp over and your fine.
Hey, can I borrow your ford ranger to haul some beer kegs and possibly ass?

Count me in!
by Homicidal toddler January 21, 2018
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An American piece of shit that won’t get you chicks, won’t work when you need it, won’t be talked bad about by white peoples, and won’t last more than a few years.
Rahul: Hey candy, I’m sorry, I might be running late to our date.

Candy: why you coming late, boy?
Rahul: I drive a Ford ranger.
Candy: oh, no, no, no, baby, take your sweet time, I understand the difficulty you going through

Rahul: thanks
by SP69 January 31, 2018
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a peice of fucking shit american 3.0 or 4.0 engine block that instead of putting oil in it you can literally just fucking spray diarrhea into the block and itll run fine these fucking trucks like to blow up and bend frames like me bending over your dad for some poop fun in the bed
wow, after i told my mom i was gay she immediately bought me 69 ford rangers
by wetgirl444444 January 18, 2016
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A vehicle in the small truck category; know to be the worst of all small trucks. Most Ford Rangers exemplify all of the FORD acronyms such as Fix Or Repair Daily, F**CKER Only Rolls Downhill, Found On Road Dead, you know the rest... Rangers are the epitome of all that is GAY (Homosexual, not happy). Most straight men who aquire a Ford Ranger rid themselves of these disease stricken vehicles within the first twenty four hours, in order to avoid any kind of anal mutilation. Certain color Rangers are more potent than others in the "Gay Danger" zone. The most dangerous of these being the teal green Ford Ranger. The most common defense to this horrible color is to litter your truck with stickers to try and hide it. Also, giving your Ford Ranger a Male name can sometimes help the owner cope with and accept the overall gayness of the vehicle. The only Ford Ranger GAYER than a greenish teal Ford Ranger is a Ford Ranger that someone has "pre-runnered out". (ie: Engine, lift, tires, bumpers, fenders flares, 45 degree spare tire/ roll bar in bed, offroad lights) What straight person would do all of this to a vehicle that everyone knows cant do anything off of the pavement. In conclusion, the award for the gayest piece of junk ever made other than a Ford Mustang 5.0 goes to the FORD RANGER. POS...
Ex. 1
Jake: Hey there Susan!
Susan: Hey Jake, I heard you came out!
Jake: I assumed you knew already...
Susan: What? How?
Jake: I traded my Tacoma for a Ford Ranger because I couldn't afford the Mustang 5.0.
Susan: How could you not afford a Mustang 5.0!?!?
Jake: Because I'm GAY :)

Ex. 2
John: Man I feel sooo Gay right now.
Wayne: Why?
John: We are in a Ford Ranger

Ex. 3
Hey did you hear that Vin Diesel drives a Ford Ranger!?
Rumor has it he came out.
by RangerRomper February 19, 2010
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A piece of crap truck that a blonde Amish looking bastard drives. Truely a piece of crap. Only homos add tall white cb antennas to these junk trucks
Nathan:I’m cool I drive a ford ranger !
Melia: no your not your gay...
by Cool dude 69 February 06, 2018
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