"Hey, my parents are building a new house and in it I get my own shitbox attached to my room."
by sigge000001 January 18, 2010
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A shitbox is a girls asshole aka. a shitbox!!!
You really want to fuck a bitch her if u kick ass if ur a Noob u stick to pussy like some people i know!!!
Dont be a foolie put it in her coolie!!!!
Yo I want to fuck that bitch in her shitbox and blow her spokes!!!

Black People love to do White Girls in their shitboxes!!!
by Nick Lacey January 14, 2008
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1. A garbage ass car, either because it hasn't been properly taken care of or it just wasn't any good to begin with.
2. A woman's asshole.
1. Maybe if you got rid of that hooptie ass shitbox Cobalt you'd get some bitches on your dick!
2. When I get out of work I'm gonna go to your mom's house and tongue-punch her shitbox.
by AC Sativa April 01, 2018
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A car that is an absolute piece of shit. The bodywork will have more hits than the Beatles and the dash will be lit up like a Christmas tree and will take at least an hour to start the engine in the morning if you're lucky.
I'm not buying your shitbox. The scrap yard will take it.
by Whowantspeas November 03, 2018
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a box construction workers shit in when there are no toilets around
i fell in crap when the shit box i was using collapesed
by phil October 13, 2003
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