A situation where the men far outnumber the women. Similar to a sausage party.
I went into a bar and turned around and just left. That place was a junkyard, there were no ladies around!
by blizzity blake March 2, 2004
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A highly intoxicated way of carrying yourself;

While recanting alcohol related tales, used as a replacement to someones first name to describe their unusual, comical, or promiscuous behavior.
After about 15 drinks I go into junkyard mode.

Junkyard Jones told the cab driver he was going to wrap him in foil with butter and cook him on his own running car engine.

He was definitely junkyard when he fell down the stairs and knocked over strippers like bowling pins.

What a junkyard move that was telling that guy you were going to mount his wifes head like a deer because you liked her nose.
by TinoFett June 9, 2006
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The area containing and surrounding ones junk. In men, junk is the penis and balls. With women, junk may be used as a euphemism for vagina
His ex-girlfriend wouldn't leave him alone, so he put up a "No Trespassing" sign on his junkyard.

Dude, keep your hands away from my junkyard!
by firenipples45 June 6, 2007
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To fully cup another man's genitals with one's hands.
"Stop junkyarding me, you perv!"
by Jay Jacks January 11, 2008
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A euphemism for ass/booty/anal, in the context of anal sex.
"Oh man, she let me do her in the junkyard last night."

"Dude, I put my tongue in her junkyard and she came like crazy."

"I don't junkyard gets."
by dirdywordy March 9, 2013
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when a man tries to hide his premature ejaculation by continued penetration with an improvised phallus
Banged that chick from the organic coffee house last night-

Sweet how did it go?

I fuckin pre-jacked

You cunt! Did you make like a banana and split?

Fuck no, didnt want her to know so i did the ol junkyard jangle finished her off with one of me work boots, she couldnt tell the difference.
by GozUnlimited July 20, 2016
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