someone who enjoys "mongering" shit. They enjoy hoarding it and/or eatting the shit.

A Diss
the act of calling someone a shit monger.
ex 1.Dude look how dirty that guy is. you can tell all he does is like to monger shit.

ex2. guy1- your mom has a dirty gunt
guy2- fuck you your such a dirty shit monger.
by Shitties May 3, 2009
Someone who enjoys creating shit (problems). Someone who enjoys creating trouble for other people. Someone who enjoys watching other people fight.
Jesse told me you said I was a liar.
Don't listen to him, he's a shit monger.
by Kconnor56 July 11, 2010
1. Someone who obsseses over shit.

2. A fun curse used when in doubt.
by Zoloft July 25, 2004
coined by the famous Laura of, shit mongering is a term used for all the fake patriotism that popped up after 9-11, using American gullibility to sweep up a surge of selective blindedness so that the population didn't realise it was a sham made by the president, and decided it was okay for him to go blow up Iraq because it was in the interest of pure patriotism.
The president decided that the Jackson family would not be terminated or killed in a "plane crash" Wellstone style because they supported his sham by hanging up their eagle adorned flag and sending their children off to die murderers for no reason but greed.
by discolemonade July 12, 2004
Jackie:Fuck off, shit monger.
Salesman:But I'm selling douches.
Jackie:Go mong some more shit, shit monger.
by anal douche September 14, 2003
Someone who intentionally tries to stir shit up. Similar to a hate-mongerer, but instead of spreading hate, a shit mongerer spreads shit around.
I can't believe Emily told Jay about what I said. What a shit mongerer!
by First Bass February 23, 2006
A senior at NRHS who thinks he is the shit. Also named as Grant

Can also be used as monger of shit
by Freddy March 29, 2005