What a Frenchman do after talking to a Kiwi.
Kiwi girl: ... your face... blahblah...
Frenchman: ok, I'm gonna shit around now.
by ClaireKiwiBear December 1, 2011
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One who sits around on there ass all day not doing a damn thing.
Instead of doing her homework Elizabeth sat around the house just shitting around all day.
by Ryan Metro April 9, 2008
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Let’s just do something to waste time, Doing nothing. (The credit goes to Parsa)
Yo Karl, Let’s go outside fuck shit around.
Ayooo, I’m tired. Let’s go fuck shit around in the mall.
by Datboiprs September 30, 2018
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To make a mess of things, sometimes for no apparent reason.
What is this mess? I just cleaned in here, do you just come in here to fuck shit around?!

Darla get on my nerves. She always wanna come and fuck shit around.
by Marica Linn January 30, 2021
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Banging that ass and the person needs to take a fat shit without the person knowing. Or animal.
Pull it out!" "It hurts!" "Shit around it!"

Pull it out it
Shit around it.
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To go around in life as a worthless lazy bum who refuses to do any work.
Quit piece of shitting around, Dave Bliss! You’re leaving a piece of shit trail everywhere you go!
by Ralphie999 April 17, 2022
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