when a couple is doing it doggystyle and right ass the guy gets ready to "take off" he pulls the girls arms out from underneath her as her head hits the sheets, the guy releases his "landing gear" and goes on his way!
As we were reaching take off i quickly yanked her arms out from underneath her to perform a text book plane crash!!!
by Z71gius October 13, 2005
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A catastrophic event where an airplane collides with an object, the ground, or the ocean. In contrast to a car crash, more likely than not all persons on board are dead due to the extraordinary-high magnitude of impact.

Such examples included the break-up of TWA Flight 800, the disappearance of Air France Flight 447 and ValuJet Flight 592.
It's hard to imagine that airplanes are actually the safest form of travel. The thing is, in a plane crash - everyone dies. At least in a car crash there are different levels of injury, possibly but not likely death.
by NWeiner December 30, 2011
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Was she a wreck?
Nah, she wasn't even a train wreck, she was a fucking plane crash!
by Stevo August 30, 2003
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Used to describe a situation of no hope, a hail Mary or act of God is needed. Often used for sports, when you hope the other team doesn't show up.
The Steelers are coming to town to play the Bengals this weekend, do you think Cincinnati can win?

The Bengals quarterback is out and our coach has no game plan, pray for a plane crash.
by Mastersacks July 11, 2017
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