A technique attributed to a British orthodontist named Mike Mew that involves putting pressure on the roof of your mouth with your tongue to try and change the shape of your face by moving your maxilla up and forwards with the lateral pressure of your tongue. This fits into the broader looksmax approach to self-modification in the name of love and romance.
Stacy "Yh Chad has some nice ass jaw now. He's been mewing for 6 months now"
by xaviergainford January 14, 2019
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Mewing is the the practice of using proper tongue posture to improve facial beauty and fix malocclusion of the teeth. The term ‘Mewing’ is a play off of Mike Mew’s name aka God, the man credited for spreading the good knowledge of the tropic premise. The tropic premise consists of having teeth together, lips together, and tongue on the roof of the mouth. Only through the use of all three, one can rise up out the ashes of lonely inceldom and move closer to chadliness.
Mirer: „How‘d you get such a good looking face?“

Chad: „I‘ve been mewing for one year bro.“
by @Mewinglifestyle May 22, 2019
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The act of crying, throwing a fit/tantrum, bitching about even the smallest things
(Person A) I haven't seen Stan in a while, what has he been up to?
(Person B) No one wants to hang out with Stan cause of his constant mewing, so he sits at his house and plays video games all the time
by UrbanePerson September 26, 2013
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a very cute and cuddly lil specimen; loves to laugh and has too many good qualities to list here!
*Mew Mew huggles yew*
by Athene May 20, 2003
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An exclamation or retort used to interrupt someone who is complaining about something trivial. Usually said from one guy to another, with the undertone of "quit whining because your pussy hurts."

Likely (d)evolved from the expression "wah, my pussy hurts" since a hurt pussy cat would mew, mew, mew.

Sometimes used along with QQ or pew pew.
- Wait, I can't find my favorite pair of gloves and I haven't written a note for my roommate and...
- Mew mew mew, yeah whatever, let's go, we're late.
by Sir Yelof February 12, 2010
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The genetic ancestor of all Pokemon. A floating pink cat-like creature. Mewtwo was created using DNA extracted from Mew's fossilized eyebrow. The leader of Team Rocket, known as Giovanni, was not satisfied with a mere clone of Mew, and instead insisted that a "superclone" be made by tinkering with Mew's DNA.

It was the last mistake he ever made.

Mew was retconned on September 28th, 2006, with the release of Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl in Japan, and with it the introduction of Arceus, the "God of all Pokemon." This created a conundrum of sorts, as it is explicitly stated that Mew's DNA can be found in the DNA of ALL POKEMON, yet Arceus was said to have existed before the universe itself began. Apparently, those continuity checkers at Nintendo didn't do such a great job, eh?
"Mew!" -Mew

"That is Mew, the rarest of all Pokemon. From its DNA we created you, Mewtwo."
by meteoryte January 5, 2010
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